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HAPPY NEW YEAR! i've never been the 'resolution' type, but i did do a short wish list in last year’s new year post. my 1 item: less change.

“in 2013 i'll be...tweaking my routine to encourage a healthier, happier lifestyle (maybe getting up a bit earlier and eating a bit lighter), enjoying our new home with my awesome husband, staying in charlotte more weekends, living in the present, being more grateful, worrying less, and smiling more.”

overall, i'm really proud of the results! in 2013 we…made our house a home, lost a dearly loved aunt, nurtured relationships with friends in charlotte, and most of all – celebrated life and enjoyed being in the present. laura wyatt design had a super successful year, and i learned more as a designer and businesswoman than i could ever have hoped! i'm so excited for 2014 - to celebrate weddings of great friends, family and friends’ babies being born, and everyday life. 2013 made me a happier person, and i'm thankful to be carrying a positive attitude into this new year.

*tip: to download this wallpaper: click the link above, download the image, and set as your desktop background.




GET IT GIRL! if you’ve been holding off on a new blog design, now’s the chance to check it off the list! start the new year off right with a fresh look! let santa bring YOU something [a little early!]. do you really need an excuse? hop over and select your design package, fill out the quick design request form, and let me do the rest of the work!




happy thanksgiving, friends! in my life i've always had much to be thankful for, but this year, i can remember several times saying “life is pretty good” – out loud, just to acknowledge it! it’s so easy to get caught up in the fuss of the holidays…or any day for that matter. those days when our problems seem so big and out of our control. today, squeeze the ones you love a little tighter and thank the good Lord for the many blessings in your life...i know i will.



this week has been crazy busy in the best possible way. i'm forgoing my usual “five on friday” post [still love you gals] for a little download. i haven’t shared one in a while, but i thought it was pretty fitting since design work is what’s been filling up my evenings this week. hope you have a wonderful weekend – maybe go crunch some fallen leaves and sip some hot cider!
*tip: to download this wallpaper: click the link above, download the image, and set as your desktop background.




finally! it looks and feels like fall outside! this week has been a perfect 10 in my book! here are a few things that are making me smile: we found out mrs. carolina charm is having a baaaby, i had a perfect catch up dinner with a good friend last night, the house is clean, bbq is on the agenda for this weekend, i wrapped up a really cute design for a really cute friend this week, and had some time to work on my own site a little.

you might [or might not] notice that i made some changes this week. not only is laura wyatt designs a separate site now, but i've developed some fun new design packages too! this will replace the long, drawn out a la carte, back and forth estimate routine i was doing before! i'm really excited! blog design is something i really LOVE doing - the creativty involved with making a design, the excitement i get when my code actually works...ok i'll stop before i totally geek out on you. anyway for my five on friday post, i've hand picked some of my recent [and not so recent] favorite designs:

as usual, i'm linking up with these sweet girls for five on friday [darci, christina, april, + natasha]




ohh la la! check out the new design for happily ever parker!! we combined laura’s love for ombre, glitter, and blue hues for a gorgeous, fresh, and happy design! laura is new to the blogging world, so be sure to stop by and show this sweet girl some love!




well hello there! so you’ve GOTTA check out the good life blog today where i'm teaming up with sweet sweet darci to give away a BLOG DESIIIIGN! get your butt over there and enter!


orrrr you can enter below (but still go check out darci’s super cute blog!)

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yesterday i talked a little bit about the transition from college eating habits [binging on taco bell] to being an adult and taking care of your body with a healthy diet. i am NOT one to stand on a soapbox and be high and mighty on the subject. i wouldn't even go so far to say that i try my best to eat healthy. it would be a lie.

after a hard day at work, or when i'm feeling stressed, i find comfort in delicious food [homemade biscuits, ice cream, anything super cheesy]. in the future, i want to emphasize more that delicious food can [and should] be healthy too. by planning meals at the beginning of the week, it gives me a clear plan of what’s ahead, a stocked kitchen, and reduces the risk of letting my inner fat kid join us for dinner.

feel free to download and print the meal planning pdf above. i'm starting mine this week! at 27, i guess i have to be an adult now, so it’s time to eat like one!



you may have noticed this gorgeous necklace from my post last friday. that beauty comes straight from my most recent client, madeline, of poppy style. poppy style is an online boutique that has a gorgeous mix of trendy and classic pieces, and the best part is that it’s wallet friendly! you’ve seen poppy style talked about by some of the big time blog gals like hello happiness and julie leah, and i know it’ll be many more soon! madeline and i took her current logo and gave it a bit of a modern twist with some metallic gold stripes and white space. i honestly can’t stop staring at this design! love!




so, per usual, this weekend was awesome and went by entirely too fast. we had an unforgettable time staying up late night [friday] with old friends and backyard grillin' [saturday] with new ones. these summer weekend nights are what keep me going during the daily work-week grind [surriously] – that, and the occasional after-dinner cookie.

i just wrapped up a super cute blog design with sweet katie, otherwise known as miss dixie. if you haven’t stopped by to see this lady and her sweet family, i highly suggest you stop and go take a look! katie came to me seeking a fresh design and a love list that includes: pink, gold, stripes, simplicity, and her sweet baby boy, weeks [duh!]. here’s what we did:




hi there! just popping in to share one of my most recent pretties: stefanie from the house spouse. stefanie was so awesome to work with. i hope she looooves her new design – it ranks up there as one of my top favorites (they’re all my favorites, obv)!



HOW is it already may? i guess that's what happens when you spend all month traveling, working, and having visitors! i promise to have a real post coming up soon, but in the meantime, i'm popping in to share one of my latest favorite designs:

i recently had the pleasure of working with leigh, a fellow carolina gal, from hines-sight blog! check out her new, fresh design and follow along as she reviews the finest hotels and restaurants in the country! maybe i can sweet talk my way into her suitcase for her next trip!




oh look! i'm back! i've been busy working with sweet sarah over at georgia peaches on a bloggie facelift. if you love animals and all things southern, you should check out her blog. she's such a sweet soul who loves her furbabies - which was (and still is) the base for her blog design. sarah wanted to honor her sweet dixie dog, who recently went to heaven, by featuring her in the header image. her previous blog design used this cutesy frame and dixie's picture, and she wanted to keep that theme going. we worked together to develop a cleaner design that felt light and airy with accents of peach and pink. see how it all turned out:



i promise i'm still alive! with springtime here in full force, andrew and i have been spending all of our spare time working in the yard (grass seeding and flower planting). when i'm not a sweaty mess, i've been doing LOTS of design work! i couldn't be happier about the influx of work and support for laura wyatt designs! even though i'm primarily doing web design, i still do a little bit of invitation and print work. here’s a recent graduation invitation i made for a william & mary graduation party:
i hope everyone is having a great week (and month). i promise to get back on the blog train once life slows down a bit!



ermagersh! i just wrapped up the cutest design for just bri – you might remember her from the charlotte social. bri is a fellow charlottean and as cute as she can be! it’s been such a pleasure working with her again, and i was so thrilled to design something so fun and fresh – just like her! see how it all came together…
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the design business is GOOD, y’all! over the past week, i've had so much fun working with precious kerri from a sweet georgia peach on her new bog design. kerri wanted a design that was clean and sparkly, and this is right up her alley! i'm so thrilled at how it turned out:



over the past week i've had the pleasure of working with sweet sweet christina from carolina charm on a new blog facelift. i know christina in real life and can’t say enough good things about her! she’s just great, y’all!! she wanted something fresh and clean – “lots of white space” – and nothing too frou-frou or girly. i think the new design we put together is so timeless and gorgeous! i hope she loves it as much as i do!



since it’s the first day of march, here’s your new calendar! weee!
happy weekend!



hey y’all! sorry i'm not sorry for the radio silence over the past week-ish. i've been having TOO much fun playing designer for sweet bri over at just bri. bri is the founder of the charlotte social – a networking site for charlotte bloggers. i was giddy with joy when she asked me to help out with the design because 1. i love blog design (obv.) and 2. i TOTALLY support her cause. i've met some incredible girls and real life friends through blogging and am SO excited to see what the charlotte social can offer these amazing women. below, i've featured some branding and design elements i developed and the final site design!
y’all stop by, and tell bri i said hi! if you’re interested in a fresh design for your blogspace, fill out a design request to get started!



today's the first of feb, and i just couldn't wait to get some pink in the mix! here's your new february calendar, because i know y'all were just waiting on pins and needles...

feburary calendar download desktop | android | ipad | iphone 3/4 | iphone 5

if you don't see your device in the list below, or find that the sizes i've supplied aren't compatible, let me know about it, and i'll try my best to help you out!

happy weekend!