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saturday morning, i had the pleasure of visiting a brand new salon in charlotte. salon twelve26 is just one of the most recent businesses making their home in plaza midwood, and i couldn't be more excited.

upon arriving at the salon, i was greeted by edward, the owner, and tiffany, my stylist - who were both bright and bubbly despite the nasty weather and spending their saturday indoors working. right away, i felt at ease. the atmosphere at the salon is laid back but stylish, all the way down to the indie rock playlist that played throughout the place [a refreshing alternative to the ‘lite hits’ that are usually on at salons]. 

after a consultation with edward and tiffany, we decided that a keratin treatment wasn’t the way to go. i have fine, smooth hair as it is, so i was thankful that they knew their 'stuff' well enough not to sell me on something i really didn't need. i opted for a blowout and a little pampering instead. everyone i met was so genuine, a little edgy [no need to hide tattoos or piercings], and incredibly nice and helpful [that charlotte southern charm]. the queen city is lucky to have salon twelve26.


even though it was a rainy, gross day, and i didn't have any plans to get out of the house. i sure felt glamorous sipping my morning coffee – with volume for days! i scheduled a follow-up appointment for the spring and i can't wait to see the magic they work with my color.

follow salon twelve26 on facebook, twitter, and instagram for beauty tips and gorgeous hair inspiration. thanks so much for having me, y’all! i enjoyed every bit of it.



yay! five on friday! i'm linking up again with my favorites [christina, april, darci, & natasha] for the weekly five on friday link party! let's get it started:

1  |  i received this cardigan as a gift for christmas and wish they made one in every color. this is THE most comfortable article of clothing i own. i have a medium, and it's loose enough to be cozy, but fitted enough to wear out running errands.

2  |  another item on my christmas wish list was this paper source planner. since it was a christmas gift as well, i just started using it and LOVE it! paper source is sold out online, but you may be in luck if you have a local store. the large amount of space in the weekly breakdown sold me ... and the gold foil chevron didn't hurt too much either.

3  |  there are some days that only chicken and waffles can fix. after a stressful day at work yesterday, i came home and fixed chicken and waffles for dinner. andrew and i bought a waffle iron in the fall and cannot get enough! is that normal?

4  |  i've never claimed to be a huge football fan, but we'll be spending sunday cheering on our hometown team in the playoffs. our plans don't include going to the game, but DO include beer and hot wings - which is as good as a win in my book! GO PANTHERS!

5  |  lastly, i'm having my first real conditioning treatment done tomorrow. i was contacted recently by a local salon to come in for a service - they suggested the keratin treatment. has anyone ever had this done before? i've only heard good things, but i'm always a little apprehensive when it comes to doing something new to my long hair. image via




this is the lipstick post for gals who don’t wear lipstick. my lips are pretty pigmented, so i feel washed out with most nudes, and i don’t have the confidence level for a bold red. i can’t count the times that i've swiped a bright hue on my lips…only to end up wiping it off before walking out the door. is that just me? red girls – what’s your secret? i'm slowly getting more comfortable having some color on there, and i've found a handful of creamy natural colors that are helping me make the transition. here’s a quick lineup of my favorites that i've kept on for longer than 10 minutes…(left to right)
maybelline  | color whisper 80 – made it mauve
maybelline  | 245 blushing brunette
cover girl  |  265 romance
revlon  |  613 just enough buff
bobbi brown  |  2 biege



phillip lim for target (coming soon!)  |  naked 2 palettefrye paige boots | essie cashmere bathrobe, skirting the issue, after school boy blazer
according to pinterest and every blogger/instagrammer out there, fall is in the air! nevermind that it’s currently 86 degrees outside. it’s definitely by far my favorite season: the season of football, hearty crockpot soups and chilis, chai lattes, boots and leggings, and MY BIRTHDAAAY! i've already started compiling a little wish-list. last year, i [we] got a house for my birthday, so i'm not sure this year will pack as big of a punch [or pricetag]!
i'll be back later this week with a vacay recap! we had a perfect time – i could not have asked for better weather, food, and company!



every 5 years or so, i through one of those "chop it all off" hair funks. about a month later, i'm totally regretting it and longing for my long locks again. my hair is longer now than it's been since high school, and i attribute its health and happiness to a few of my favorite products [and my awesome stylist, chelsea].
i'm really hard on my hair - i rarely have one of those natural, i-just-woke-up-and-my-hair-is-gorg days. so, constant heat and frequent washing were, and is still my go-to routine. heat and bleach had dried out my ends so so bad. last fall, i decided to hop on the ombre’ bandwagon, and i'm so glad i did. we went with a subtle gradient so the blonder locks on the end blend seamlessly with my natural root color. since my initial ombre-ing last september, i've only been to the salon 1 time for color, and that was only to get it a bit brighter for spring/summer [i’ve been in for a few trims in between]! i've never been happier with my hair, and it's never looked healthier, in my opinion.
chelsea introduced me to the loreal intense repair system and mythic oil combo last fall and i havent looked back since! i use the shampoo and deep conditioner once every 3 washes so it lasts longer, and i've barely put a dent in the mythic oil. both products smell like sunshine and kittens [aka: AMAZING] and make my hair so shiny and soft! i'm not totally convinced of the biotin game, but hey, it can’t hurt! and the emijays ensure that i'm not doing any irreparable damage to my tresses on those rare days when i sport a hoodie and ponytail to work. [sad but true]. so there ya go!
what are you favorite tips/products for growing long, healthy hair?


number 161

ok. so i was welcoming fall last night with a new mani using essie’s styenomics, and was SO proud of my glossy, un-smudged work! that was…until i woke up this morning and saw at least 10 tiny bubbles on EACH nail. this has happened to me after the last few manicures i've done at home. what the heck?


what the heck? after a little googling, i have found this answer. i hope this saves ya’ll from a ruined manicure in the future as well (click the link below)! btw, stylenomics looks like a dark green in the bottle, but don’t let it fool you – it’s closer to black… i have to say, i'm a teensy bit disappointed!

how to prevent bubbles in manicures


number 160

“thank God for fridays” – andrew in the car this morning. true story, boo. here are a few things i'm loving/excited about:


1 | fall neutrals are comin’ in with full force! the neons and bright hues of summer aren’t completely gone yet, but i've seen a ton of comfy sweaters, riding boots, and neutral hues in my pinterest feed lately. i'm not gonna complain one bit. fall is my favorite time of year: vt tailgating, my birthday, comfy clothes, and gorgeous colors provided by mother nature. fall, i welcome you with open arms. i'm needing a manicure in the worst way, and i think chinchilly is going to suit my mood just fine.

2 | this is an every-night scene in our house around 11pm. we have trained one of our cats to be a real live baby. i'll spare you the 5 minute snuggle-fest video. it’s actually really heartwarming - when we got “bangs” he was very abused and very distrusting of anyone, so it’s nice to see him in a place where he can feel safe around humans again.

3 | andrew and i are heading home this weekend to celebrate a couple of family birthdays, and this little sweet peach will be there as well. (our niece who resides in indiana) i cant wait to kiss those cheeks!

4 | again with the fall comfort – i just can’t wait to get into a flannel shirt and some leggings. pinned here.

5 | pinterest is wonderful for drawing inspiration (or flat out copying, we’re all guilty!) for all things fashion, food, and décor. this awesome print (pinned here) would be a great diy! i might give it a go!

i'm linking up with lauren over at from my grey desk for her weekly “high five for friday!’

happy weekend!


number 126

since we’re on the subject of hair...

i've been really curious lately about salt water sprays for beachy hair. have you tried it? what's your favorite brand? a few reviews that i've seen mention that it gives you hair a dirty, caked-on product feeling. which, i guess when you're at the beach and your hair dries with ocean water, it sorta feels that way as well. i want to know - is it worth it to spend $20 on a fancy spray, or give it a go with the DIY first?

salt water spray 1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5

how do you get beach waves?


number 125

hi y’all! i hope everyone had a great weekend! i used my monday to recover -- had a little too much fun. although, i did make it to the gym saturday AND sunday!! *round of applause* go me! saturday night, we went with my brother and his girlfriend to see lady antebellum! let me tell you - they were a-w-e-s-o-m-e! i knew every song and had a blast dancing to all of them! darius rucker (who i will forever fondly refer to as hootie) opened for lady a and i would definitely pay to see him as a headliner! he even made andrew happy by singing a few hootie and the blowfish songs -- a real crowd pleaser! overall, it was a great weekend, one that i'd love to do over again! buuut we're back on the grind of the day to day routine, and i'm going to take a little break today and pretend it's friday: Take Me There Tuesday Blog Button

ya’ll are going to laugh, but the reason i'm picking friday for my "take me there tuesday" is because i'm getting my hair done on fridayyy! i know i'm not the only person in the world who loves a good cut and color. i always feel SO much better! my goal is the long kardashian-esque locks, so i won't be doing any drastic cutting, just a routine trim along with some summer highlights. even though i've been going to the same stylist for yearrrs [still in danville! hah!] and she already know's what i want, i still like to be prepared with a few pictures.

without fail, i always bring in a pic of jen when i get my hair colored.

pinned here

or two...

pinned here
pinned here
pinned here

and just because she's so stinkin cute...

pinned here

so...that's where my mind is today. tell me...

where’s this tuesday taking you?


number 114

hi y’all! it must be nice to be “friday” – everyone’s so happy when you come around and they look forward to seeing you all week! the week has flown by – i guess being busy will do that to you! i've been wanting to fill y’all in on some great beauty buys that i love. without further ado, here’s my friday five.

1  |  it’s no secret, i was cursed with bad, oily, acne prone skin. i have a hard time finding a moisturizer that doesn’t make my forehead look like a shiny….something and irritate my skin. behold the alba even advance daily cream. i accidentally grabbed a pic of the night cream. fyi, it looks really similar. this stuff smells really good and is silky smooth.

2  |  false eyelashes have always been a favorite of my girlfriends and myself. my favorites are the ardell 110 black. anytime a special occasion arrives, or maybe even a fun night out, it’s time for some falsies. i've only recently gotten decent at putting them on without poking my eye out – quite the accomplishment, eh?

3  |  the opi rapidry topcoat. i've sung its praises before – y’all this stuff is amazing. $11 might be a little steep, but use an ulta coupon and go get it today. not only will it leave you without sheet marks (i always get the urge to paint my nails before bed), it will make your mani last daayyys longer than anything before.

4  |  my nightly skincare routine is not complete without the almay moisturizing eye makeup remover pads. simply washing my face will not do – i'll always have specs of mascara in my eyeball, or raccooned around my eyes. these little pads get all the gunk right off. it does leave a little bit of oily "moisturizing” residue that i usually just wipe off with tp. cheap and good!

5  |  a few months ago i won a giveaway from glamour magazine and scored 6 zoya nail polishes and to my surprise, it came with zoya’s awesome polish remover, remove+. before i used this, i really didn’t think there was a difference in polish removers. it’s a 3 in 1 solution that removes, conditions, and even cleans the nail before applying your next polish selection. and it actually smells good! it even comes in the handy pump that you see in the salon, which really makes me feel like a pro!

i'm linking up with alex and lauren today for their own “friday five” and “high five for friday”.


p.s. everyone go over to alex’s blog and give her a hard time – she left for the bahamas today, and i'm so jealous – as i'm sure you are now, too!

happy weekend!


number 98

woo hoo! it’s wednesday! i'm linking up again with jamie for what i'm loving wednesday! first, i'm loving that i have a 3 day workweek (muahahaha). monday, i was off for the Easter holiday, and friday, andrew and i are headed back to danville for this week’s #3 (below). enjoy!

1  |  lately i'm loving colored denim! it’s all over pinterest and in any department store or boutique you visit. i'm still not sure if i can pull it off…but i'm going to find out soon! maybe paired with a simple white blouse and some gold jewelry? photo via

2  |  opi’s rapidry top coat! this stuff has changed my life! i'm now going on day 5 of an at-home manicure with no chips. that doesn’t happen in real life! and to boot, i don’t wake up with sheet marks on my nails when i get the urge to paint them an hour before bed! …it’s the little things.

3  |  i'm loving that we’re heading back to danville to spend the weekend celebrating one of my best friend’s most special days! my friend lauren, you may remember her from this post, is finally marrying her “lover”, adam, and i could not be happier for them! she was born to be a wife, and i know she’ll be an amazing one for adam! congrats, you lovebirds!

4  |  lastly, i'm in love with these envelopes, every single one of them, from lindsay letters. so much that it makes me want to learn this “calligraphy” technique myself – not to make money, just to send fancy mail, duh. i stumbled on her website a while ago, and forgot all about it until it popped up on pinterest yesterday. oh, how i love pinterest too!

what are you loving this wednesday?


number 89

i didn’t really become a girly-girl until about 5 years ago. i wore makeup and did my hair (on occasion) in college, but pretty much stuck to my 3 pairs of american eagle jeans and oxford button-up polos. only lately have i developed an interest for accessories, designer apparel, and what i fondly refer to as “fancy” makeup. moving to charlotte and having instant access to a sephora or nordstrom could have been a fiscal nightmare (for andrew), but over the past year, i've slowly built up my makeup collection using quality brands, and believe it or not, my complexion is much better as a result! here are the items i use on a daily-weekly basis:

1  |  benefit – stay don’t stray – eyeshadow primer – i really like that a little of this goes a long way!

2  |  benefit – boi-ing – concealer

3  |  laura mercier – tinted moisturizer* – not too heavy for every day wear! and you can layer it if you want more coverage! love!

4  |  laura mercier – silk crème foundation – peach ivory – this is a new addition to my collection, much more coverage than the #3, i'm liking it so far!

5  |  bobbi brown – pressed powder – warm natural**

6  |  bobbi brown – sheer finish loose powder**

7  |  cover girl  - classic color blush – soft mink – oldie but a goodie!

8  |  urban decay -  naked eyeshadow palette* – perfection!

9  |  bobbi brown – long wear gel eyeliner – black

10  |  loreal – voluminous million lashes mascara – blackest black – this is just okay. I might step up my game and get a MAC mascara next time. any suggestions? i have tree stumps for eyelashes – the goal is LENGTH!

11  |  NYC – eyeliner pencil  - black – at $1 each, you can’t beat it!

12  |  bare escentuals – buxom lips – leslie*

*have to have, can’t live life without it! if you don’t have a naked palette, RUN and get one now! it’s the only eyeshadow i use, and i get compliments all.the.time.

**footnote: i don’t use pressed powder and loose powder in the same day. the compact is usually thrown in my purse!

i'm not going to waste my time putting up a makeup tutorial, because there are already so many awesome ones out there. sorry, i know you’re really looking forward to my smokey eye (because it’s awesome!) BUT, just wanted to let y’all know that i really love all of these products, and if you’re on the fence about building your “fancy” makeup collection – go for it! i wear most of these products every single day – and that’s more than can be said about the “designer” jeans that have replaced those old faithful AE’s!


number 85

so carrie released a new video last night, and i'm celebrating by getting back on the blogging bandwagon. i love how my blog looks right now, and want to make good use of it!
the first song off her 4th album (coming in may!), good girl is a fun, catchy tune that's played in my car at least 5 times everyday. i'm hoping to have an acoustic version for the sulkes band setlist in the next couple of weeks! click any of the images below to watch the new vid and enjoy carrie’s 7 wardrobe changes! that’s a lot of clothes for 3 minutes and 30 seconds, but girlfriend pulls it off perfectly.
carriemy personal favorite is one i've dubbed “the girl next door”. it’s the most natural look, and one i think is the most “carrie”.
what's your favorite?