James, this is by far the wildest and most fun stage. Our hearts are bursting with love for you and we couldn't be prouder. You consume my thoughts and my prayers every day, and I wish so much that I could keep you little forever. 

A DAY IN THE LIFE: Andrew and I usually alternate nights for who gets to put James down after bathtime. Being at daycare all day, and usually having only 1 nap, he's pretty exhausted and ready for his nighttime bottle. It's something we both look forward to and is such a treat - he's typically asleep by the time he finishes his bottle [seriously, like 5-7 minutes tops] and if he's not, he'll lay his head on your shoulder the minute he's through and drift off to dream about puppies and slobber kisses. We're very fortunate that he's been a good sleeper because I really don't want to give up those bedtime snuggles and rocking my baby [who won't be a baby much longer]. Ok... before I cry - 

FAVORITES: "walking" assisted, school, sleeping with puppy, real puppy kisses from Jack and Zeke, talking nonstop, still thankfully loving the exersaucer while I get ready in the mornings, drinking water from his 360 Munchkin cup

DISLIKES: getting kisses and then not being picked up immediately afterward, not being able to walk on his own

SCHOOL: James is now the oldest in his classroom after his girlfriend, Lilly graduated to the toddler room. James and Lilly would play and jabber all day when they were together - I think he's trying to walk now so he can move up sooner. 

SLEEP: 7pm - 6:30am

DRs VISITS: came down with a quick case of croup at 8.5 months that required a steroid shot and a breathing treatment - was playing again that afternoon. got fitted for his cranial band

SPECIAL EVENTS AND PARTIES: at 7.5 months, Andrew and I had our first overnight away from James - Andrew's parents kept him at our house and everything went perfectly! Also attended our friend, Ridley's, 2nd birthday party - a pirate party!

TYPICAL SCHEDULE: 6:45am wake up 7oz bottle, 8:30am breakfast solids, 10am 5oz bottle, 11:30am lunch solids, 1pm 5oz bottle, 1:30pm nap, 4pm 5oz bottle, 5:30 dinner solids, 6:30 bath, 6:45pm 7oz bottle, 7pm bedtime

9 MONTH MILESTONES: "big boy" crawling [off his tummy], pulling up on everything, "cruising", can pick up food and eat it [mostly just Gerber puffs, we're working on the real stuff], if you tell him to "shake it" he'll shake the ball/rattle/water cup that he's holding

9 MONTH STATS: 20lbs 6oz [60th percentile], 28.75" [65th percentile], size 4 diapers, 9-12 month clothes

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