you're getting a two-for-one again! honestly, not much happens from week to week - other than some weight gain and additional groans. we did have a healthy checkup last monday and heard the little guy's heartbeat again! everything is progressing as it should, and i got a flu shot so neither one of us gets sick with all the nasty weather we've been having. if the sun would shine, that'd be great.

last weekend, our good friends marc and lori beth came to visit. lots of girl time while the guys golfed. we spent too much time overindulging, but only as a reward for crossing things off the nursery list! *high five*.

this weekend, we're headed to richmond for a good friend's wedding where i'll be sporting this hot maternity maxi dress in hopes that it'll keep the bump warm.

2 5  W E E K S

  • how far along? 25 weeks
  • baby size: a large cucumber - and a cute one at that!
  • total weight gain/loss? um 16 pounds? i think this may be the week that i stop weighing myself. all i know is that i'm getting bigger. 
  • maternity clothes? yes yes. my favorite jeans are these destroyed ones from gap that i scored on eBay for $20 [tags still on] similar to these.   
  • stretch marks? no!
  • sleep? it's been worse this week than ever. my doctor finally told me that i should avoid sleeping on my back. in between constantly rearranging my mass of pillows and getting up a few times a night, i'm not sleeping nearly as well as i used to.
  • best moment this week? making lots of progress on the nursery! it definitely makes me feel more prepared.
  • miss anything? sleep. not feeling huge. 
  • movement? yes! lots! constantly throughout the day and nearly every time andrew wants to feel, if he's patient enough, he'll feel a punch or a kick from the outside. 
  • food cravings? orange soda, milk, m&ms, all the carbs
  • anything making you queasy or sick? not at all.
  • have you started to show yet? can i stop answering this now?
  • gender: boy! but not going overkill on the baby blue in the nursery!
  • labor signs: no no no. still some aches and soreness in my legs and pelvis, though, and hip pain at night.
  • belly button in or out? dare i say, out? it depends on how much i eat that day. this is amazing to me because my belly button used to be huge and really deep [like a spoon scooped it out]. now, not so much.
  • nursery: more progress! lori beth and i made a huge ikea trip where i scored some cheap ribba frames for a little gallery wall and curtain rods. later this week, my friend rachel found a SCORE on a local mommy facebook group, and i ended up getting a beautiful solid wood dresser [changing table] for $100! there really is nothing better than a good deal. here's a pic [and my gorgeous rug!]

  • wedding rings on or off? on
  • symptoms: soreness, heartburn and a large, itchy belly.
  • mood: happy and thankful!
  • workouts: one last week and TWO this week! YES! GOLD STAR! i made it to 2 body pump classes and felt great!
  • looking forward to: thanksgiving...already ;)
again, 2 weeks' progress of growing a human. i should probably point out that 24 weeks was halloween - i don't just dress up like a cat for fun [or maybe i do?]:


Annie said...

You look fab! Girl, I lived on Benadryl just so I could sleep. Check with your doc but I highly recommend!

A.M. said...

love the dresser!!!

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