another couple of weeks have passed, and i missed a post in between. don't worry! you didn't miss much - just me getting fatter. in the past 2 weeks, we've visited family and friends, celebrated life and friendship and even made a little progress on the nursery.

while exploring the wyatt family tree last weekend, we finally settled on a name - torbj√∂rn! what do you think? we found it fitting to pay homage to andrew's norwegian roots! i kid i kid.

2 3  W E E K S

  • how far along? 23 weeks
  • baby size: an ear of corn - what?! 
  • total weight gain/loss? around 11-12 lbs ...or 14-15 depending on the time of day! 
  • maternity clothes? definitely. so many sweet friends have let me borrow some of their maternity favorites! i should be set for a while, although i'd be just as happy wearing a mumu. 
  • stretch marks? none yet! i attribute that to staying greased up all the time with coconut oil.
  • sleep? decent. getting up a couple of times a night to pee and wedging pillows around myself to alleviate some hip and back aches
  • best moment this week? feeling the baby move - from the outside! in the past week, we've finally been able to feel some kicks and punches by touching my belly. it's really awesome for andrew to experience that too and see proof that something is actually in there besides food.
  • miss anything? pumpkin beer...still.
  • movement? yes! inside and outside! 
  • food cravings? orange soda! haha in the past 2 weeks, i've had it twice, which isn't a crazy common craving but definitely something i didn't drink lots of before.
  • anything making you queasy or sick? only the thought of raising an actual human being. nbd.
  • have you started to show yet? yes. my constant thought is "IT'S GOING TO GET BIGGER!!"
  • gender: all boy!
  • labor signs: no no no. i have had some aches and soreness around my legs and pelvic region, and i'm sure it's due to my body just accommodating that growing baby boy.
  • belly button in or out? in...for now. it's getting shallower by the day.
  • nursery: we finally made some progress! this week, we ordered a rug and my parents bought us a crib [arriving tuesday!] excited to finally see things take shape! 
  • wedding rings on or off? on
  • symptoms: some sorness from my growing maternal figure. also feeling a little too sore on my most recent walk last week. definitely addressing that at my next doctor's appointment, tuesday, since i'd love to continue to do some activity throughout the week to allow for an easier labor [hopefully].
  • mood: thankful, anxious
  • workouts: this week - one 30 minute walk tuesday and a 20 minute walk thursday [cut short by soreness]. i cleaned the house yesterday, so i'll count that too!
  • looking forward to: a good checkup tomorrow and getting that crib set up this week! our friends marc and lori beth are coming to visit next weekend and us girls plan on making a trip to the pottery barn outlet! hopefully that means more nursery progress!!
2 weeks worth of my swollen pot-belly:


A.M. said...

ahhhhh you look so freaking cute.

Nursery pics please

Lisa C said...

Your bump is adorable!

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

you look beautiful!!! And love seeing that little bump. So excited for you.

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