this week has been a bit of a whirlwind. after doing absolutely nothing last weekend [only getting off the couch to shower and cook dinner], we had a houseful of guys this week for andrew's annual CFA golf tournament. they're always pretty well behaved and very thankful for the sober rides, so i tolerate it from year to year! the guys came out on top this time, winning first place and a ridiculous amount of raffle prizes. it was a success, to say the least.

my mom and aunts are coming to visit next week, and i couldn't be more excited! they'll undoubtedly be super elated to see my growing belly, but unfortunately, no cute baby room to ooh and ahh over. i expect that we'll be making more progress on that in the next month!

anyway! oh! and i made some blog changes last week since i'm really only blogging about this baby in my belly.

2 1  W E E K S

  • how far along? 21 weeks
  • baby size: pomegranate [i'm not sure how these things are measured, last week must have been a pretty small banana?!]
  • total weight gain/loss? i'm afraid to officially admit that i've hit the 10 lb mark, but there's no denying it.
  • maternity clothes? yes! and piko tops are my bff. i could live in one of these every day [and night].
  • stretch marks? none yet! still being pretty diligent about applying coconut oil every night.
  • sleep? great! minus one night this week were i had some back and hip pain. can i brag that i'm still sleeping without a pregnancy pillow? 
  • best moment this week? maybe feeling the baby move from the outside [but maybe just gas?]
  • miss anything? my caffeine iv. i'm still drinking caffeine, but only 1 cup a day. there have been several days this week where i really really wanted that afternoon boost, though.
  • movement? lots from the inside! 
  • food cravings? sweets. i try to reign myself in every day, but i just can't turn down a cookie if it's offered to me. our counter at home at has a bowl filled with candy corn, halloween candy and two types of oreos. i'm blaming it on andrew.
  • anything making you queasy or sick? nope!
  • have you started to show yet? yes - definitely! 
  • gender: BOY BOY BOY! we're so excited! we did discuss names a bit last week but haven't quite settled on anything. andrew has been set on naming him rambo ["just his middle name, laura!!"] ever since we found out we were expecting, so any alternate suggestions are welcome... seriously.
  • labor signs: no no
  • belly button in or out? in
  • nursery: not much progress. since the room is already painted and we've had guests in the house, there's really not a rush to get the furniture out and make things a mess, so we'll just keep doing a few things here and there. [i'll regret saying that soon, i'm sure, when we're 2 months out and the nursery still looks like it does now.]
  • wedding rings on or off? on!
  • symptoms: some round ligament pain. i had a sharp cramp all the way across my midsection this week after i squatted down for a second in a store and really just had to walk it off. no worries, though!
  • mood: happy - just a little sleepy!
  • workouts: went for a short 30 minute walk this tuesday. the weather was just so gorgeous! hoping to do more of that since it's cooled off significantly!
  • looking forward to: our visitors next week and a weekend in charlotte with great friends celebrating the dedication of sweet caroline and thomas
my big brownie belly [sorry about the tv!] and my fav piko top:


Christina Marcellino said...

1. ordering that pico top!
2. YAY for Sunday!!!!!!!!
3. LOVE the new template!
4. round ligament pains are NO JOKE!

Annie said...

I used to have a la croix in the afternoon! Maybe that'll help your caffeine craving without having caffeine?!

A.M. said...

Looking good mama! Also, I agree these fruit things are pretty subjective.

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