last week, we celebrated so so much! on friday, i had a big 30th birthday, and saturday andrew and i celebrated 6 blissful years of marriage! needless to say, lots of food was involved. we celebrated at cowfish [a birthday tradition] and the fig tree [an anniversary tradition]. the rest of the weekend was spent snuggled on the couch watching it rain all. weekend. long. no lie. andrew traveled for the early part of the week, and my parents popped into town tonight for a late birthday celebration! i'm currently snuggled up in my barefoot dreams cardigan -  a new bday present that i'll be wearing long after baby arrives!

i'm finally inching these posts back a little further each time. since i'm 20 weeks tomorrow, we'll just count this one as a 20 week update. i'm not so good at this whole pregnancy journal gig. let's assume i'll be better at the whole 'motherhood' part.

2 0  W E E K S

  • how far along? 20 weeks
  • baby size: a banana! -- that's just crazy to me! 
  • total weight gain/loss? 9 pounds
  • maternity clothes? most definitely. i have 2 pairs of maternity jeans i keep on rotation. i wore my favorite non-maternity leggings this week and thought they were going to slice me in half. ok. maybe i'm being dramatic.
  • stretch marks? no. i thought i saw one, then i realized it was just where i had scratched my belly a few seconds before [total laura move, think old fat man belly scratch]. since then, i've been slathering on coconut oil and belly oil twice a day.
  • sleep? great! i mentioned that andrew traveled earlier this week. what i didn't mention is that i made my brother come stay at the house one night because i heard a noise out back. being the good uncle he is, he obliged.
  • best moment this week? seeing our little one at last week's ultrasound, winning a holiday mini-session from the shultzes. oh, and the birth of one of my very best friends' new baby boy! welcome to the world, baby ben! 
  • miss anything? real deal raw sushi at cowfish
  • movement? yes! i've been feeling lots of little pops and wiggles this week! can't wait for more and to finally feel it from the outside as well!
  • food cravings? none in particular. 
  • anything making you queasy or sick? not a thing 
  • have you started to show yet? you decide [picture below!]
  • gender: BOY! we saw allllll the goods on the big screen last week! 
  • labor signs: noooo
  • belly button in or out? in
  • nursery: i finally sent my fabric off and paid for my glider slipcover to be made. i guess i should start some progress on the rest now... 
  • wedding rings on or off? on
  • symptoms: a big belly and some heartburn
  • mood: fat and happy
  • workouts: none...eek. i've really really been slacking. i went for ONE walk early last week. the weather has been so crappy, i don't feel like doing much after work other than coming home and lounging. hopefully the weather will take a positive turn after this weekend's rain, and that gorgeous fall weather will get me out and about!
  • looking forward to: cold, fall weather
my little pumpkin belly:


Christina Marcellino said...

you are gorgeous, mama! love this bumpdate! xx

A.M. said...

Oh my word- I have 3 of these to catch up on. You look gorgeous and way to step up Uncle John! Love you lots xoxo

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