given that i've been out of touch with the blogging world for some time, this is in no way my attempt at jumping back on that wagon. BUT so many friends have told me that i'll want to look back on bump recaps, symptoms and general feelings about pregnancy, and i've found that i can type much faster than i can hand write in a journal [and it's much more legible]. so here we go - my first "bumpdate"!

1 5  W E E K S

over the past 10 or so weeks, we've had a handful of doctors appointments [all healthy!] and 3 ultrasounds. we passed the scary genetic tests with flying colors and even got a little hint from the doctor that it's likely a boy [she was pretty confident - 85% sure - but we'll see if that changes!]. our next appointment is september 24 where we'll do the full anatomy scan and find out for SURE! 

this week, we're recouping from a week at smith mountain lake with andrew's family and gearing up for a week in seagrove, florida with mine! one thing's for sure - this baby likes being in a bathing suit [one-piece].

after some great suggestions from friends [and constant questions on my part], i started our baby registry this weekend. who knew someone so little could need so much? thanks, in huge part, to so many generous mama friends and family who have offered to lend us the essential big items. it means so much to have such a huge support group for baby wyatt!
  • how far along? 15 weeks
  • baby size: a pear!
  • total weight gain/loss? 6 pounds - but i'm surprised it's not more. i've been eating everything in sight.
  • maternity clothes? a little here and there, pants with an elastic waistband are my best friend and i've been sporting lots of dresses
  • stretch marks? no, i've been using a great oil [earth mama, angel baby] and i'm hoping that'll keep them at bay
  • sleep? sleeping well, minus getting up 1-2 times to pee in the night
  • best moment this week? hearing the baby's heartbeat at our appointment. it's always so reassuring, especially since we're not expected to feel movement for a while
  • miss anything? pumpkin beer. andrew got his first batch last weekend and it smelled SO good!
  • movement? not yet, although i poke around quite a bit to see if i can find the baby in there. i supposedly have an anterior placenta which means i shouldn't feel movement until week 20 or so
  • food cravings? steak and cheese sandwiches [haha!], candy corn
  • anything making you queasy or sick? not anymore, i've been very fortunate to avoid most of the morning sickness symptoms that other moms encounter. even in early weeks, i was only queasy when i had an empty stomach
  • have you started to show yet? yes. i feel like this week, i'm getting out of the "fat" zone and more into a bump state
  • gender: boy! maybe...? haha!
  • labor signs: none yet, thankfully!
  • belly button in or out? in
  • nursery: i've been pinning away on a baby boy nursery, but we won't make any big purchases until we know for sure. the walls in [what will be] the nursery are already sherwin williams aloof grey, which is perfect for a boy or a girl!
  • wedding rings on or off? on
  • symptoms: a few round ligament pains and some sciatic nerve pain on certain days - both are very minor.
  • mood: content and relaxed?
  • workouts: each week, i have every intent of working out at least twice, but i'm only making it to body pump about once a week consistently. i blame it on travel and weird schedules, but i'm pretty sure it's just that i'd rather do anything BUT work out...
  • looking forward to? the beeeeach!
and so you can see my burrito belly:


Carolina Charm said...

Love, love, LOVE this update! You look gorgeous, mama!!! Could not be more excited for baby W!!!! Love you!

Sara Elizabeth said...

Congrats lady!!! You look great!! Glad to hear all is going well for you!!

A.M. said...

This makes me so happy! Auntie Alex can't wIt to meet Baby Wyatt!

Whitney H said...

So excited for you!! And when I saw your blog name pop up with a new post, I FREAKED!! (Also, I have that dress! Isn't it fabulous?)

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