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WHAT has been going on? WHY hasn’t she been blogging?

you might ask yourself these questions. if so, i have some answers:

is something wrong? no
am i sick? no, everyone is healthy!
did something BIG happen that you don’t know about? nope, same ol’ thing.
am i pregnant? no
did i change jobs? no
am i still designing blogs? yes, about 1 a week! [remember, that's not a full-time gig]
am i busy? yes!
am i happy? YES!

nothing new to report! i just haven't felt compelled to blog lately. i hope you don't mind! you can still get a little dose of my life lately on instagram. who else is thankful that spring is just around the corner?!


Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

Im the same way over here- def feeling a rut. Good for you designing new blogs every week!!!!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Loving those flamingoes...AND hitting "Refresh" on the blog ever so often to see updates as you work!

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