"an ode to risotto". haha just kidding, kind of. we’ve been eating a lot of risotto in our house lately. between cooking it twice in 2 weeks and ordering it during restaurant week, i'd venture to say we love it [or at least, i do].

a quick google search tells me that you can make risotto healthy just by the ingredients you’re cooking with [mrs. hogan, correct me if i'm wrong]. a combination of chicken stock, white wine, and a lot of patience will deliver a creamy, decadent texture that we all crave so much from comfort food.

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now, i've only ventured into the risotto cooking ring twice in my life, but seeing as how it turned out really good both times, i'll call myself an expert. there are a few key ingredients that i've used in both recipes, and i believe that’s what makes it! olive oil, arborio rice, white wine, chicken stock, white/red onion [i’ve used both and it turned out fine], garlic, and parmesan. add your desired mix in at the end [spinach or mushroom], and you’re good to go. the key to a creamy texture [without the cream], is adding the broth a little at a time. pour in 1/4-1/2 cup increments, stir while it evaporates, and repeat until the rice is done!

obviously, i'm kidding when i say i'm an expert. if you have any awesome can't-live-without-em risotto recipes to share, i'd love to have them! i started out with spinach and mushroom [linked above], and they were each amazing [even as leftovers!]

HAPPY [risotto] COOKING!


Whitney H said...

I have two huge bags of arborio rice in my pantry that I need to use! Definitely need to make some risotto.

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Risotto is one of my faves!

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