yay! five on friday! i'm linking up again with my favorites [christina, april, darci, & natasha] for the weekly five on friday link party! let's get it started:

1  |  i received this cardigan as a gift for christmas and wish they made one in every color. this is THE most comfortable article of clothing i own. i have a medium, and it's loose enough to be cozy, but fitted enough to wear out running errands.

2  |  another item on my christmas wish list was this paper source planner. since it was a christmas gift as well, i just started using it and LOVE it! paper source is sold out online, but you may be in luck if you have a local store. the large amount of space in the weekly breakdown sold me ... and the gold foil chevron didn't hurt too much either.

3  |  there are some days that only chicken and waffles can fix. after a stressful day at work yesterday, i came home and fixed chicken and waffles for dinner. andrew and i bought a waffle iron in the fall and cannot get enough! is that normal?

4  |  i've never claimed to be a huge football fan, but we'll be spending sunday cheering on our hometown team in the playoffs. our plans don't include going to the game, but DO include beer and hot wings - which is as good as a win in my book! GO PANTHERS!

5  |  lastly, i'm having my first real conditioning treatment done tomorrow. i was contacted recently by a local salon to come in for a service - they suggested the keratin treatment. has anyone ever had this done before? i've only heard good things, but i'm always a little apprehensive when it comes to doing something new to my long hair. image via



Carolina Charm said...

THE PLANNER. I want. I want!

Also, um, I want to hear ALL about the keratin treatment!

Cherish said...

Oh my gosh, can we discuss waffle irons?! We got one a couple years ago as a White Elephant present and it was the best {random} gift ever! I swear for the next year after I made waffles every.single.weekend, ha. So, yes, it's normal. Love that cardigan! Happy weekend!

Samantha Ledford said...

You will LOVE the keratin treatment - I have long hair as well and the treatment is totally worth it! Have fun watching the game today! Go Panthers!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Mmmm...chicken and waffles! Now I want to go buy a waffle iron to make these at home!

Whitney H said...
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Whitney H said...

Um ignore that comment above, haha! I should have read a little better! You DO have beautiful hair though. <3

Sara Dana said...

Chicken Waffles?!?!
Very new to me...
I think they are a must try,
I mean if they can fix anything!?! I'm on that waffle train!
Enjoyed my stumble upon your page!

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