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HAPPY NEW YEAR! i've never been the 'resolution' type, but i did do a short wish list in last year’s new year post. my 1 item: less change.

“in 2013 i'll be...tweaking my routine to encourage a healthier, happier lifestyle (maybe getting up a bit earlier and eating a bit lighter), enjoying our new home with my awesome husband, staying in charlotte more weekends, living in the present, being more grateful, worrying less, and smiling more.”

overall, i'm really proud of the results! in 2013 we…made our house a home, lost a dearly loved aunt, nurtured relationships with friends in charlotte, and most of all – celebrated life and enjoyed being in the present. laura wyatt design had a super successful year, and i learned more as a designer and businesswoman than i could ever have hoped! i'm so excited for 2014 - to celebrate weddings of great friends, family and friends’ babies being born, and everyday life. 2013 made me a happier person, and i'm thankful to be carrying a positive attitude into this new year.

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Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

Happy New Year!!!!

Carolina Charm said...

Happy, happy, happy New Year!! So glad I got to ring this one in with y'all! xoxoxoxox

Sarah Verardo said...

Happy new year! I love, love, love the design you did for me! Xo

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