Christmas is in full swing, and we’ve been getting the house ready for our Christmas guest. yes…just 1 guest. friday afternoon, i'll be picking up my grandmother [Nana] from the airport to spend the night with us. last year, she made the trek from arkansas to spend the holiday with my family, and since we enjoyed it so much, we're making it a tradition - 2 years running!

i added a little festive quote to my chalkboard last night and am really pleased with how it turned out. this is the second time i've used darci's tutorial, and i must say it's the best!

hope you’re enjoying the holiday season! i've been feeling more festive than usual - maybe it's because i'm about to OD on christmas music - who knows? regardless…



Ashley said...

Your chalkboard handwriting is SO good! Teach me your ways!

Carolina Charm said...

Woah! This turned out AWESOME!!!

PS - how come we didn't get to see Andrew's chalk art?

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