so it’s not cold…at all. in fact, the high today is supposed to be 76*. something’s just not right. i love living in a place where you can experience every season, and when it's december...i need some cold weather. today, my five on friday is dedicated to some cold weather favorites [which i fully intend on using once the temps drop below 60 again].

1  |  i've got this gorgeous plaid scarf on my wish list. i love a good plaid, and the length/width on this baby looks like it would be so plush and warm.

2  | a few weeks ago, i met christina for a thanksgiving mani, and tried out essie's new shearling darling. my mind keeps going back to that perfect fall color, wishing i had it on my fingers now. i think a trip to the drugstore is in my very near future.

3  | the ever popular golden edition anthro mug is on sale today! i swiped up a few for christmas gifts and mayyybe even one for myself. looking forward to sipping my nightly hot chololate from something so pretty!

4  |  a little lotion? yes please! my skin gets so dry and itchy during the winter months, and i need something to lock in the moisture

5  | sephora's birthday gift last year was a sugar lip balm. i know their lip therapy would be just as luxurious. gotta keep those kissers healthy for the holiday red lips

thanks to christina, april, darci, and natasha for hosting my faaavorite weekly link up! 



Mariel C. said...

I just picked up Shearling Darling at Target this week and I am smitten. It's not quite red, not quite brown, not quite burgundy...it's perfect!

Cherish said...

Can we just discuss this scarf for a second?! I was hoping you had it already. It is enormous!! I've had it for about a month & have yet to wear it or take the tags off bc literally every time I try it on it swallows my neck and intimidates me, ha. I need someone to show me how the heck to wear it.

And bummer those mugs went on sale, I bought 8 a while back. Could have saved a whole $16, ha. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Carolina Charm said...


Margo @ gutenblog yall! said...

Oh man, I adore that scarf! Along the same lines, check out this little Christmas beauty I found at h&m yesterday! I think I'm wayyy too excited about wearing it! :)

Whitney H said...

That polish is gorgeous! And I can't believe those mugs were only $10.. that's insane!

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