so life lately hasn’t been all sorts of glamorous, but it’s been very rewarding and….good. this long list of perfectly styled & edited cell phone pics pretty much sums up my past few weeks:


right in my element. i stocked up on mini marshmallows at teeter the other day and have been enjoying a nightly cup of hot chocolate [even though it's like 70* today].  |  completed the fastest christmas decorating session in history - 2 hours for the whole house [including outdoors]. of course it helps that we only have a tiny grinch tree. go ahead, ask me why. hint: reasons #1 and #2 are in this picture.  |  mimosas and bloody marys on turkey day  |  loving blacksburg – even when it’s cold and rainy  |  i've made lots of progress on the office! we opted for the cheaper ikea graphic rug, and i LOVE it! there have been many evenings spent here in the past few weeks.  |  andrew shaved his great woodsy beard into a mustache saturday night and had fun sporting it around greensboro. he definitely looked like a retro newscaster/police officer.

it’s finally december! i even got a little online christmas shopping done on black friday. go me! hope you're having a wonderful december so far, too! OH, and stop by sweet whitney's blog today where i'm giving away a $75 credit to go toward a new blog design [you know you want one]...and tell her that you think her new design is pretty sweet too!


Carolina Charm said...

still dying over this picture of Andrew!!!!

Mirkka Rautala said...

Love the rug! Going on my "want"-list.


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