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it seems like once i wrap up one project, i'm already focused on the next one. it’s a curse and a blessing, just ask andrew! we were having breakfast saturday morning, just talking about how much we loved our house, listing rooms that were “finished” or “almost there” [a short list], and here i am already…focused on 1 of the 2 rooms in the house that still look like we moved in last week!

i've been spending more time in the office lately, and since business is good [!!!] i hope to be spending even more time there in the future. andrew’s dearest aunt gifted us an heirloom antique trunk before she passed away last spring, and i'm using it as a jumping off point for inspiration. it’s a gorgeous piece and “industrial chic” is where i'm headed with it. i've never been a huge girly-girl, so a bright white office with hot pink peonies [as gorgeous as it is] just isn’t my style. so let’s see if i can make this happen!


April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Now THIS is a reveal I can't wait to see! It will be a stunner!

Pris said...

I agree with April! I can't wait to see this reveal-- thinking it will be gorgeous!

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