DISCLAIMER: i’m a total coupon amateur, but i saw this deal and couldn't pass it up! maybe i'm late to the party on this one y'all, but i had to share the news before it's TOO LATE for you to get in on it too!

i got the 2 items above for $7.99 plus tax. [disregard my basmati rice purchase]. i used target’s mobile coupon for buy one get one free on jewelry, watches, and sunglasses. here’s how you score:

  1. download the target mobile app
  2. sign up for the mobile coupons under “deals and coupons”
  3. pick your 2 jewelry items of choice [the cheapest can be a clearance item, the most expensive can be up to $58.99]
  4. have your cashier scan the barcode for this week’s mobile coupon [expires tomorrow]
  5. your most expensive item will be the FREE one!

like i said, i’m very green when it comes to couponing. i chould have scored a $50 new watch with a $2 clearance item, but instead i got two items that i know i'll wear. another amateur move: i didn't get a picture of my full receipt. my final total was $11.11 because i needed rice for lunch...so there's that.


*update: i've had mixed messages from some iPhone users saying they can’t see the coupon. i can still view mine which makes me think target may be trying to take this down to save themselves a little $$


Mirkka Rautala said...

I'm always joking that I'll eventually turn into one of those people on Extreme Couponing, because I'm always hunting for discounts. Too bad I live in Finland, where coupons are not wildly popular with stores.... But I'm getting pretty good at never buying anything at full price - internet shopping and discount codes are my faves! Love the earrings! And I miss Target...

Colleen Sullivan said...

I love the in app coupon things! I am not a coupon clipper either, so it's the only way I'd use them. Thanks for the heads up on this one!!!

The Peanut Program said...

Wow that is seriously a fantastic score! I was just looking at the necklace the other day but i always have such issues paying anymore than $10.00 for costume jewelry :)

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