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today i am 28 years old! in the past few years, i feel as if i've been struggling with some sort of quarter-life crisis. i wasn’t feeling like the happy, carefree, girl i had known in years past. i was insecure, moody, and just not very fun [in my opinion]. late in my 27th year, i've truly felt a transformation. i'm on the rise again! my heart is happy, and i am content [and no, i'm not pregs]. here are just a few things that are keeping my spirits high:

  • think positive!
    only i am in charge of how i feel.
  • stop comparing.
    there will always be someone prettier, smarter, more talented, etc. be thankful and enjoy the many gifts and blessings that God has given me.
  • count your blessings.
    [they greatly outweigh the negatives that can seem so huge at times]
  • keep a clean home. 
    am i crazy? having a clean house makes me genuinely happy!
  • stop putting happiness on a pedestal.
    i'm starting to realize that i don’t have to have 10/10 items checked off on my “list” in order to be happy. i have a good life.
  • just do it.
    [not like nike] for me, this doesn’t mean going skydiving or moving to nashville to become a country music singer. it means going to coffee with a new friend or picking up the phone to call an old one. i walk around with the fear of rejection so often and don’t realize the opportunities that can pass me by. once i just “do it”, i'm so happy i did.

and a few goals for the next year:

  • wake up earlier.
    i'm usually up by 9 on the weekends which is definitely progress. now if i could just swing 6:30 on a weekday, we’d be in good shape.
  • eat better.
    i think i've eaten enough taco bell in my lifetime to feed a small village for a year. i wish i were kidding when i say that i love fast food and think it tastes really good. time to make some changes.
  • be active.
    for me, this is a more realistic goal than “work out”. let’s start with a walk around the neighborhood a few times a week. baby steps.
  • show love.
    i want to make a more conscious effort to think of others more often: call someone when you’re thinking of them, send more birthday cards, help out a friend who’s going through a hard time. i spend a lot of time thinking about doing these things and saying “i don’t have time”, when the reality is…. if i didn’t surf pinterest for 17 hours a week, i could spend more time doing meaningful things for other people!
  • know God.
    learning to not think of God as some abstract being but rather someone who is actually in my life - day in and day out. our relationship is definitely something that needs tending in the next year [and then some].

the past year has brought a lot of enlightenment for me, and i know 28 will continue along the same path. thanks for reading and following my little journey!


Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

Happy birthday pretty lady!

Violet Clouds said...

Happy Birthday! That's a great list, it's taken me far too long but I learnt these things the hard way. The best teacher is experience though I suppose.
I hope you have a lovely day!

Courtney W. said...

Happy Birthday Laura! Those are some amazing goals for your 28th year. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Jaclyn @ Love And Bellinis said...

Happy birthday girl!


Alyssa at Southern Abundance said...

Happy Happy Birthday :-)
I wish you a wonderful year of 28!

Carolina Charm said...

I love everything about this post!!!! Cheers to 28. I have a feeling this will be your BEST year yet!! Love you friend!!! xo

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

Happy Birthday sweet lady!!

A.M. said...

Happy Happy Birthday girlfriend :) I am with you on all these things.....

Bri Buzali said...

Happy Birthday! and I love your list of goals...I think they're great!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love your goals, it is one way of getting out of that mid to later 20s funk i definitely felt that and goals are accomplishing them are a great way to get out of that funk

Ashley said...

Happy belated Birthday!! Hope it was wonderful :)

Cherish said...

Happy belated birthday pretty lady, hope it was fabulous! Here's to 28 being your best year yet!

blair said...

Happy Birthday! I just turned 32 last week, and am working on some similar goals... Starting with the clean house, it seriously makes a huge difference!

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