happy friday, friend!!! i'm linking up for five on friday with christina, darci, april, and natasha. [you should too, because these gals are awesome]. let’s begin, shall we?
1  |  TODAY is my mom’s birthdayyyy! my mom is the sweetest person i know and has a southern accent that sounds like she “just fell off the turnip truck” –as my dad says. if you’re in town, you’re welcome to stop by and tell her happy bday. she’d like that. tomorrow, she and big john are headed into town to celebrate! plans include: getting our hair beautified at t.reid, dinner at cajun queen, and drinking my dad’s home-brewed keg beer all.weekend.long. whew! happy birthday, indeed! in lieu of a birthday cake, i'm planning on making a lemonade pie….with a candle on top. alltogethernow:
2  |  my new fancy curling iron arrived on tuesday! i've been prepping for this occasion by watching as many youtube tutorials as humanly possible. i think it’s paying off. and in case you were wondering, i'm getting really good at snapchat seflies. you’re welcome.
3  |  cookie butter. it happened. as andrew so eloquently put it, “i'm gonna demolish this whole jar on the way to get another jar at trader joes.” i'm eating it now, and i'm not ashamed to say it.
4  |  there are weeks when i really have my ish together and make meal plans and adorable printables. and then there are weeks when i go to the grocery store 3 times and we have turkey burgers with eggs on them and it rocks.
5  |  i just got even more excited about this top from target, for the fact that it’s $18 online, but i scored it for $5 in-store wednesday. naturally, i sported it to work yesterday and it might be my new favorite. it’s super soft, long enough to cover my booty, and it’s got shoulder studs which automatically make me a badass. no? mk.


A.M. said...

I think I am going to make some Lemonade pie in Deb's honor, too this weekend ;)

Carolina Charm said...

I recently switched my curling iron barrel to a 1 inch and my curls hold so much longer!

MMMM - cookie butter, on my TJ shopping list!

Happy Birthday to your momma!!

Kiri said...

I think the crunchy cookie butter might be even more delicious...hard to imagine!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Happy birthday Mom!!!

I need you to teach me your ways with the curling iron. I have a Hot Tools one as well but I am scared that I got one with a barrel too large ... my curls go flat by noon!

Ashley Paige said...

that lemonade pie sounds divine! visiting from the link up and i LOVE your blog! Definitely a new follower! Today is my Mama's birthday, too!! Have a great weekend!

Jaclyn @ Love And Bellinis said...

Cookie butter? Oh my, how dangerous would that be in my life?!

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

I think I am the only person on earth who is not crazed over cookie butter! I bought it and while I think it's goodish I could live without it. However Talenti gelato...not so much.

Beach Bum said...

I'm definitely hungry now. Hope your mom has a great birthday.


A Wedding Story said...

I love your curls! I need a new curling iron b/c mine is not doing it for me, maybe the barrel is too big. Do a tutorial!

Whitney said...

happy belated birthday to your mom! i absolutely love your hair color. I wish mine would old a curl like that!

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