summer is here and the air is HOT. even though we've seen mostly cloudy skies in the queen city, having a cold drink in hand makes bearing that humidity a little easier. here’s what’s keeping me cool [and hydrated]:


1  |  after sampling the barefoot refresh wine “style” [whatever that means] at the teeter last friday, i decided it would be the perfect beverage for a hot summer night. once i got home, i remembered christina raving about this fabulous libation, and for $5.99, you should be too! my favorite is the crisp white – reminds me of a tastier champagne!

2  |  nothing beats an ice cold diet coke on a hot hot day. [or a cold, wet day for that matter – i don’t discriminate]. i've been watching my DC intake lately and trying to opt for water whenever i can. so only having one every now and then feels like a little indulgence and makes it taste that much better!

3  |  every morning, i throw my VT tervis into my bag, and after i've downed my morning coffee, i'm on a water binge for the duration of the day. in a previous life, it would have been a large diet coke or tea in the cup beside me, and i'm happy to say it’s been an easy adjustment to have something a bit healthier by my side.

4  |  on a quick errand to the teeter yesterday, i was having a craving for that afternoon DC. instead, i grabbed this ICE sparkling water [in grapefruit] for $1. i'm usually not a sparkling water fan, but that grapefruit flavor really pleased my palette. i like to think i did my body a favor by choosing this over my beloved soft drink.


p.s.: in case you missed it last week, hop on over to the good life blog and be sure to enter the giveaway for a custom blog design by moi!


[darci @ the good life] said...

#1 looks right up my alley!!! ;)

And my dad is obsessed with #4 and just left a ton of them here at my casa after their visit!

I'm loving the Donut Shop "sweet & creamy hazelnut" iced coffee k-cups (I buy them at Target). As in I'm addicted and am on cup 2 for the day already. :/

CHEERS to all of the fun 4th of July festivities ahead .... pretty sure I need to find a yummy red, white and blue cocktail asap! :)

Carolina Charm said...

So I've recently become OBSESSED with ICE Sparkling Water. You HAVE to try the apple one. It tastes like carbonated apple juice. haha.

Madeline {Poppy Style} said...

I have also been trying to cut back on the soda (Diet DP is my weakness) and have tried the ICE drinks while shopping at HT! :) But when it comes to the evening all I want is cold, bubbly champs!! OR a good ice cold draft beer....

Lisa said...

I'm a fan of black cherry Propel, but it's really hard to find. And love the Tech cup :)

The Grass Skirt Blog said...

I've been drinking Barefoot Riesling like nobody's business! LOL.

Found you through the Charlotte Social. I'm also a Queen City girl. :)

The Grass Skirt

Amanda Scarce said...

Grape Propel and the Crystal Light Energy Grape Packets. They are both my absolute favorite!!

Laura {happily ever} Parker said...

I couldn't agree more about Diet Coke -- it's heaven in a glass. I too try and limit my intake but dang it tastes so good!!

A Wedding Story said...

We love our VT tumblers. Mostly because they are VT!! :)

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