it’s friday! which means i'm linking up with my favorites for five on friday – FOOD EDITION! ok, maybe it’s just me thinking and talking about food [what’s new?]


1  |  as i'm picking up my bi-weekly cup of coffee at dunkin' donuts this morning, the man at the register asks me if i want to add a FREE donut to my order? the huge smile that immediately spread across my face just couldn't say no! today is national donut day and they're celebrating in the BEST way possible - FREE DONUTS! my favorite is the sour cream donut, and although she’s not the prettiest, it’s certainly veeeerrry tasty!

2  |   i made crock pot chicken last night and not ashamed to admit that we’ll be eating it all weekend. just 3 chicken breasts is enough to feed andrew and me for a while and we usually still throw a little out. just throw the ingredients in a crock pot for 6 [on high] or 8 [on low] and you’re good to go! i've been adding a little water to the pot too, so the chicken doesn’t dry out. [find those super cute recipe cards here]

3  |  i stocked up on fresh fruit this week at the new teeter, and i've got a boatload of strawberries just begging to be piled on a cake with fresh whipped cream. via

4  |  breakfast is my favorite meal, and throughout the work week, it’s definitely not the most glamorous. weekday breakfasts usually consist of yogurt and a piece of fruit or breakfast bar. weekends are saved for pancakes, eggs, and their friends. i saw a great post earlier this week about mixing cottage cheese with your eggs and i'm excited to give that a go! there i go again, getting excited about food.

5  |  i've been making a conscious effort to drink more water [and less diet coke]. i'm thinking of getting one of these infuser water bottles to liven things up a bit. does anyone have any suggestions of combinations that have worked really well? i might just stick to cucumber, lemon, and mint to boost my metabolism from gorging myself on all of the above. whoops!  [similar]



Madeline Hughes said...

I love cucumber water- definitely my fav! If you find any other good suggestions- let me know... I don't drink enough water!

Jennifer said...

I need to drink more water too. Sometimes a splash of juice in my water is enough to encourage me to guzzle. That infuser sounds awesome though!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Great things. Crockpots make cooking so easy.

Carolina Charm said...

I'll take one of everything you posted about today, please.

Let me know if you get the water infuser. I've been thinking about getting one in hopes that I'll drink more water. :)

And HECK YES for FREE DONUTS! I will definitely be stopping by Krispy Kreme on my way home!

[darci @ the good life] said...

Okay, hands down you win cutest "five on friday" graphic fo' sho'!! So adorable!

I'm with you on drinking more water and have to say, it makes such a difference with regards to my weight and skin!! Now, if I can just stay on the "crazy amounts of water" bandwagon! Ha!

And you know it's going to be a good day when you get a free donut! We hit up the donut shop too.... we're donut junkies anyway and the hubs texted me that it was national donut day and out the door we went! Ha!

Love your FIVE and so glad you're linking up with us!! Oh, and ps - the eggs with cottage cheese is actually really, really good (but I love cottage cheese!). Happy weekend, friend!!

Emily said...

well, happy national donut day! What a great way to start your Friday!! I need one of those water infuser bottles! Happy Weekend!

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