so, per usual, this weekend was awesome and went by entirely too fast. we had an unforgettable time staying up late night [friday] with old friends and backyard grillin' [saturday] with new ones. these summer weekend nights are what keep me going during the daily work-week grind [surriously] – that, and the occasional after-dinner cookie.

i just wrapped up a super cute blog design with sweet katie, otherwise known as miss dixie. if you haven’t stopped by to see this lady and her sweet family, i highly suggest you stop and go take a look! katie came to me seeking a fresh design and a love list that includes: pink, gold, stripes, simplicity, and her sweet baby boy, weeks [duh!]. here’s what we did:



Brookley @ Sweet B's and Sunshine said...

New to your blog...found you on the "5 on Friday Party";) Lovely design for Miss Dixie Blog! and I know what you mean, with warm weather and festivities, the weekends are just not long enough!

Carolina Charm said...

OH YES! This is just perfect. Simply perfect!!!

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

Love my new design lady!!!

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