i'm so excited, a few of my blog gal pals (here and here) are hosting a new link up: 5 on friday, and i'm so pumped to join the partay! here are a few things that i'm super excited about:


1  |  we went out last night to celebrate one of andrew’s coworker’s (and good friend’s) bday. we ended up going to VGBG and had a ton of fun playing trivia and eating cake. we made our way over to an invite-only concert next door at the fillmore. this was my first concert there, but it won’t be my last! what a great place – such an intimate setting! the free booze provided didn’t hurt either! andrew and i ended the night lounging on the couch, listening to jack johnson and o.a.r. reminiscing about the good ol college days. ahhh.

2  |  NO. i am not with child. i'm NOT preggs. one of my very best and long-time girlfriends is flying in from dallas for HER baby shower this weekend! i'll be going to danville on saturday to celebrate her and rub her little bump! one of my go-to baby gifts right now is a wubanub – which might be the cutest little thing ever. i know i would have been all about this as a child – seeing as how i didn’t let go of my tiny stuffed rabbit friend, “beans”, until i was in middle school.

3  |  memorial day is monday and the unofficial start to summer. this means short shorts are IN season! last year, i did a little tutorial on my american flag cut off shorts for the NASCAR race, and i might just be brining them out of retirement!

4  |  how gorgeous are these kate spade earrings? they would have been perfect for a cinco de mayo bash!

5  |  i've been using this face wash for a week now and think i've found my second life partner. i've mentioned before that i have horrible skin - actually, i'm pretty self-conscious about it. i have really deep pores (damn genetics) and i rarely feel like my face is really clean – even after washing with a clarisonic every night. i can honestly say that my face is softer and brighter and i could tell a difference after just 1 use. -- plus a $7 price tag certainly beats what i've been desperately throwing away at sephora.

look at me! back on the blog-wagon!



[darci @ the good life] said...

I'm not even sure where to begin, so I'll go w/ a list! Ha!

1.) Where has your blog been all my life?

2.) Why, oh why did no one tell me that you also do blog designs? Ummm, before I spent a SMALL FORTUNE (no really, a small freaking fortune) on my new look. Granted, I love it. But whoa.

3.) I'm with you on #5. My skin is just awful and I think it's mainly genetics. Big pores, still get pimples every now and then, etc.... and pregnancy did me no favors on the skin front! I've been using my Clarisonic with Philosphy's Purity Gel and really love it, too. But, this Neutrogena wash is way cheaper. I might have to try it!!

4.) I'm rambling now.

All this to say.... HELLO!!! Glad to have found your blog!! Or maybe I have seen it awhile back?! I can't remember. Either way, I'm loving it and am adding you to my favorite reads list on my blog! :)

Carolina Charm said...

Yeah, where the heck has Darci ^^^ been?

Love the favorites. Happy weekend friend!!!! xo

melissa said...

Hi, I'm visiting from the 5 on Friday link up. I just love your blog! And your blog designs are fantastic! I know where I'm coming when I finally get around to sprucing up my blog. And thanks for the recommendation on the Neutrogena. My pores are the bane of my existence - I'll definitely give it a try! Have a great weekend!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Buy. Those. Earrings! They are incredible!!!

I need to try that face wash. Love a good drugstore find!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Happy weekend, Laura!!!

Whitney H said...

Wait. Have we discussed that Danville, VA is where my entire family is from???

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