i promise i'm still alive! with springtime here in full force, andrew and i have been spending all of our spare time working in the yard (grass seeding and flower planting). when i'm not a sweaty mess, i've been doing LOTS of design work! i couldn't be happier about the influx of work and support for laura wyatt designs! even though i'm primarily doing web design, i still do a little bit of invitation and print work. here’s a recent graduation invitation i made for a william & mary graduation party:
i hope everyone is having a great week (and month). i promise to get back on the blog train once life slows down a bit!


Whitney said...

As always, I'm such a big fan of your work. It's good to hear from you!

wahine0814 said...

I wish you had designed my graduation invitations! Love your work...and GO TRIBE! :)

Alex Billy said...

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