thanks so much for the great responses to the "date my bro" post. keep 'em comin!

and in case you need a little pep in your step today...

surprise sale.  save up to 75% off.  shop now.

imagebeing delivered to me, as i type.

imagelove it in flame too!

imagei'm not a big pink girl, but if i was…

imagethe lauralee is perfect for a night out on the town..or if your name is laura leigh (kate, you were so close).

imagediggin the red…

imagejust gorgeous, but you’re out of luck – unless you’re a size 11.


these, on the other hand, are still in stock…. i would wear these beauties everyday.

i’ve already picked out my new pretties, have you?

and andrew, if you’re reading this, stop sweating, i didn’t buy all of these.


Emily said...

I nearly died this morning when I woke up and saw the surprise sale...and all of the great items that I "needed" AHH!! Love the last line to Andrew! :)

Ashley said...

I got the same purse! the cream and black one...so cute!

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