ok. so this post kind of started out a few months ago as a joke between andrew, my brother (john) and me. “why don’t you just set me up with one of your blog friends” was his request – verbatim. little did they know, that got the wheels turning. so when he received a list of interview questions last week compiled by alex and me, his response was “so this is really happening?” yes, john-boy. this is really happening.

ladies, after a handful of long-term-gone-wrong relationships, my brother is back on the market. and although he’s not rushing to the altar any time soon, he’s agreed to humor me and answer a few questions for inquiring single ladies.

time for a little q&a:

  • What’s your most visited website? Barstool Sports
  • What’s your favorite make-out song? Usher – Nice & Slow
  • If you were forced to watch the same RomCom for the rest of your life, which one would you pick? Wonderlust
  • What’s your favorite restaurant in Charlotte? Cowfish
  • Have you ever cried during a movie? Yes… multiple times.
  • If your life had a theme song, what would it be? Semi Charmed Kind of Life
  • If you were stranded on a deserted island, what are 3 things you’d have with you? A Boat, Cooler full of Beer, a Beach chair
  • What’s your favorite piece of clothing? Why? My khaki shorts, to show off these great legs.
  • What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced? Spraying my college roommate with a fire extinguisher inside our house
  • What’s your worst pet peeve? Obnoxiously loud people
  • What’s your favorite midnight snack? Anything leftover from dinner in my fridge with chocolate milk
  • How many times have you seen The Notebook? 3
  • What is your favorite thing about your sister? That she does cool shit like this for me… and has bailed me out of some tight spots. And she one of my best frannns his words, not mine.
  • Who is your favorite actress? Why? Natalie Portman. Because she is wifey material!
  • What is the best meal you can cook? BBQ Pork Ribs
  • This or that?
    • iPhone or Android: IPHONE
    • chicken or steak: Steak
    • boobs or butt: Butt
    • city or country: Country
    • beach or lake: Lake
    • sports car or truck: Sports Car
    • Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift: Carrie… sad to say. i gather that this was a difficult decision for him.
    • newspaper or books: Books
    • high heels or Toms: Toms
    • Biggie or Tupac: Biggie
    • salty or sweet: Salty
    • long hair or short: Long Hair
    • beer or liquor: Liquor
  • If you were an animal, which one would you be and why? Panda, because in China they live the life of a king… and they get to hang out all day long
  • Do you know what Pinterest is? Yes.
  • Do you have a laundry hamper? How often do you do laundry? Yes. At least once every week and a half
  • How long does it take you to get ready? 15 minutes from couch to cab.

some additional deets:
current location: charlotte, south end
gainfully employed
age: 24

and, just so there’s no pressure to deal with the obsessive/crazy/overeager sister, if you complete this form, the info will go straight to john. no need to even comment – unless you really want to, in that case, it’s encouraged!

go ahead, date my bro


Carolina Charm said...

ooooommmmmmggggg. best post ever.

Knows Pinterest, loves Cowfish and his bestie is his sister?! WINNER!

Sounds like he's gonna get swept off the market pretty quick!

Whitney said...

"a lot of fun and a little fratty?"

BAHAHAH, I'm laughing so hard! haha ;)

He looks super cute! But I'm happily married :)

Emily said...

Come on like a freak show takes the stage

veena. said...

Oh man, reading that just made my day! Although I do have to admit, knowing John is 24 just made my impending 30th birthday that much more real.

Keep me posted on how the search goes!

Stacia said...

This is amazing!!! Great idea! You crack me up friend! Lets marry that boy off so we have an excuse to get the fams together again!

Bri Buzali said...

I ACTUALLY filled out the form, I'm a little freaked out that I put my phone # out there to a stranger! bahahaha

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