1  |  the weather has been just plain crappy this week, and i'm desperately needing a manicure. i'm thinking that something bright like essie’s snap happy with lighten my mood!

2  |  i hit up the MASSIVE new forever 21 in concord over the weekend and got some awesome new trendy pieces including this sparkly number. i'm sporting it today with a classic grey crewneck sweater and skinnies!

3  |  i've been eyeballing the kate spade grove court maise for some time now, and although the cobalt may be a bit bold for me, the style is definitely right up my alley.

4  | charlotte’s restaurant week kicks off this weekend, and it’s something andrew and i look forward to year round! we’ve got a couple of friends coming to visit, and we’re looking forward to showing them one of our favorite parts of living in charlotte [the food!]. this year, our plans are to visit the capital grille [our RW tradition] and bistro la bon in plaza midwood [for the first time].

5  |  i’ve never been a lipstick girl [it’s usually just chapstick or maybe lip gloss if i'm feeling real fancy], but i've been trying it out lately. this bobbi brown nude is perfect for me – simply for the idea of getting used to wearing something a little heavier on my lips. the shade is almost the exact color of my lips [but prettier] and gives me that great nude look without being washed-out.

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Bri Buzali said...

I love love love that necklace! SUper cute!

Carolina Charm said...

we did CG last restaurant week and it was totally worth the money! You have to tell me how Bistro La Bon is! Very curious about that place!

Allison said...

Have fun a restaurant week... definitely one of my favorite Charlotte events!

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