i love a good bargain buy - the feeling that i'm getting something awesome for a low price, is seriously one of my favorite things. so again, i'm putting together some of my favorite beauty bargain buys as of late.


1 | suave keratin infusion dry shampoo ($4). i've tried each end of the spectrum on dry shampoo: first, testing the waters with the cheapo tre semme which left my hair powdery and clumpy. ain’t nobody got time for that. then my awesome hairdresser let me test the kenra dry shampoo, which just didn't have enough power for my thick mane and left me smelling too sweet. after seeing a review for the suave dry shampoo online, i had to hunt it down and give it a go, and i'm so glad i did. the smell is amazing - like that just left the salon, can't quit sniffing your hair, smell. AND it works - even for a gal like me who constantly has her hands in her hair - it's a flaw, i know. fyi: could only find this product at food lion.

2 | the nyc eyeliner pencil ($1) is probably the best known beauty buy out there. you can find these at your local drugstore, and for a dollar each, you can’t go wrong. i'm a gel eyeliner girl all the way, but pencil is perfect for those “gotta wear makeup, but not look made up” days. also, i always use pencil on my lower lashes – just smudged a bit.

3 | maybelline color sensational lipcolor ($5.50). recently, i’ve been testing the waters with red lipstick. i've NEVER been a lipstick girl, but i want to be! i love the look of a casual red lip, and this let me see if i liked it before i committed to a pricey brand. for longer wear, put on 1 coat, blot, pat lightly with loose powder, then apply a 2nd coat. or you could just wipe it off (like i've been known to do), realize that your lips are stained, and be stuck with red lips anyway. sidenote: minorly obsessed with tswift and her adorable self lately.

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4 | sally hansen hard as nails strengthener ($3). i change my nail polish pretty often, and i began to realize that my nails were actually drying out and splitting more than usual. i've been applying this goodness as my basecoat for some time now and have noticed less splitting and less chipping on my homemade manis! yay!

5 | i use the up & up makeup cleansing towelettes ($6?) every night before i wash my face. even though i use my clarisonic every night too, completely removing my makeup first really really helps keep my skin clear. no need to splurge on a fancy brand - these gals will get the job done!

see my other bargain beauty buy post here.

what’s your favorite beauty buy on a budget?


A.M. said...

Great finds :) I use Costco cleansing wipes pre-Clairsonic and as soon as my tre semme runs out...I am snagging up this dry shampoo.

Miss you :( xoxo

Whitney said...

Those are the face wipes that I use as well! They are actually the only thing that I use to clean my face... whoops =X

I totally need to try that base coat! My nails have been drying out too :(

Sarah said...

Love these products! I've actually been a lipstick girl since high school. I have zero color in my lips, and I hate it. I've been through so many different brands, it's ridiculous. And lipstick, in my opinion, is one of those things you just don't want to go too cheap on. But when you find a good brand for a good price, that's awesome! After much trial and error, my go-to brand is Maybelline SuperStay 14-hour lipstick. It seriously does last all day. And unlike the stains, you can reapply throughout the day without worrying about it looking bad. It still comes off a little bit, but it's nothing too terrible.

Thanks to Southern Blog Society, I found your blog. I love it and can't wait to see more! :)

Pamela said...

I love that suave dry shampoo too! perfect for the price! Found you via SBS! Loving your blog! I live in Charlotte too! I have been living here a bout a year, I love it! Excited to follow along!
- Pam

jessica {creative index} said...

that suave dry shampoo is my favorite! LOVE IT! It's definitely a must have for me too!

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