be-yourselfthis little online world seems to be so full of energetic, outgoing, courageous people. and while i love them all (the majority of my friends are like this!) and enjoy being around them, i am not one of them.

my name is laura, and i am a shy person. a lot of my girlfriends have told me that before they knew me, they thought i was snobby, but in reality i'm just pretty shy and quiet. even after i warm up, i'm still pretty mellow and quiet. at least, this is how i perceive myself.

it's no secret that i was in a sorority in college [ZTA], and as a sister, we all participate in recruitment. looking back now, this was one of the most beneficial events for me. as an introverted person, it really helped me to overcome my "fear" of talking to strangers - no joke. after talking to the first 15 girls or so, i started getting the hang of things, and after 60+ it was just another day. no nerves, just new faces. as a result of this newfound confidence, i sang at many chapter events (philanthropies, pref nights) and was even president of my chapter senior year [and a pretty good one!].

now, being a real adult, and out of college now for 5 years, i feel as if i've lost track of that fun sorority girl persona that just jumped in and lived life so easily. i get nervous now...but i'm working on it. i've seen the results, i know that if i can get out of my little shell, i can not only feel better about myself, i can be proud to be myself.

so if you're that stranger beside me in the grocery store, and i strike up a conversation....just play along.


April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I definitely have my shy moments, too. When I heard in middle school that some guy said I was a snob, I knew it was because I had a tendency to be quiet. Some situations are a lot more comfortable for me to be outgoing -- I guess we all are like this in some respect!

Whitney said...

I didn't know you were a ZTA! Where did you go to school? I always wanted to be president of my chapter; that's so awesome that you were!

I'm always been very outgoing and eager to strike up a convo with any stranger. I know just what you mean about recruitment helping you to open up. It definitely helped me with my interview skills, that's for sure!

Katie said...

SO happy I found your blog! I often feel the same way as you...being is a sorority GREATLY helped my somewhat quiet personality, but now being post-grad I often find myself nervous talking to people I haven't known forever. This is totally something I am working on right now, slowly but surely. People sometimes think I don't like them when I first meet them, because I guess I am not super bubbly!

Lisa said...

I went to Tech and am an Alpha Gam. I miss being active in my sorority. The real world just isn't the same without philanthropies and formals.

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

so nice meeting you the other night at the blogger dinner. I wanted to comment as I am the same way. I am really shy around other women until I get talking to them and then I can come out of my shell. I think blogging and meeting other bloggers helps as you already have an instant connection.

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