hey y'all! last week, i promised a trip through our past years christmas cards, and i've put together a little somethin' for that. i really enjoy recieving christmas cards from loved ones and like to think that our friends and family like seeing our happy smiling faces when they receive ours too!


this was our first christmas as a married couple and right when i started dabbling in graphic design. it was a really simple card, and the envelope had a gold liner. hindsight, i wish i had done a pretty photo card with one of our wedding pics. oh well, what can ya do?


we're lucky enough to have a friend who is a professional photographer, and were on vacation with them this summer. the pictures were very casual, and kind of unplanned, but turned out cute, so we decided to stick them on the christmas card!


again, our good photog friend visited us in our new city! this sesh was pre-planned and the pictures turned out gorgeous - it was an amazing fall day in uptown! this is my favorite card out of the 3 so far!


i've designed a couple of holiday invites over the years, so i thought i'd throw this little guy in the mix. (that’s not our current address. sorry, stalkers.) it's such a cute invite for a holiday party, don't you think? if anyone's interested in purchasing this design for an upcoming holiday party, contact me!

hope everyone's having a great work week and really getting into the christmas spirit. i've had the holiday tunes blasting on full force! i think everyone's in agreement that mariah carey's christmas album (the original, not the recent-ish crappy remake) is the best christmas album OF ALL TIME, no? still obsessed – after all these years!


Whitney said...

Totally with ya on the Christmas album! Love the 2011 card - such beautiful fall colors!

Bri Buzali said...

LOVE the picture on the 2011 card, the fall colors look awesome!

Carolina Charm said...

How will you ever beat your 2011 card?! Amazing and adorable. Can't wait to see what 2012 looks like!

Whitney said...

These are so cute! I love your new design too-- it's gorgeous!

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