number 180

it’s the freakin' weekend!!!! well….not technically, not until 5. but i'm just SO excited! one of my best gal pals, alex, is coming to town this weekend to frolic around charlotte AND tomorrow night, we’re going to see our mutual best girlfriend, carrie sing. yeah, we’re friends in real life, didn’t you know that?


i have some pretty good lookin’ friends. hah…. i'm losing it.

2 years ago, alex and i took a last minute chance to snatch up some carrie tix and see her perform in roanoke, and it was easily one of the best nights of my life. don’t believe me? here’s a recap. this year we got on the ball and scored some equally awesome seats and are both so excited to relive it all!

i'm very much looking forward to blowouts, boutique hopping, and belting carrie songs all weekend with you, al! yay! c’mooon 5 o’clock!

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