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this house thing is on my brain all.the.time. seriously, everything that crosses my mind is, in one way or another, related to the house (d├ęcor/diy/appliances). so it’s no surprise that when i'm driving down the road and pass a piece of furniture being thrown out, i immediately think, “that’s cute! where could that go in our new house?”

now, andrew and my friends can vouch for this: oftentimes, i think i'm really funny. here i am, driving down the road, with a chair from the side of the road, in my 2 door hatchback car, SO tickled and thinking i'm really clever for snatching up  this little prize! the reality is this – i picked up someone else’s trash with the intention of using it my house, and it kinda smells a little bit like a wet dog.

anyway…am i crazy or would you do it too? ps. it’s pier 1.

IMAG0325 my roadside treasure

just so you can see the potential that i see: here is a similar chair for sale now. check out that price… and just to add to my defense: a little indoor wicker/seagrass inspiration.

Suzie: Ashley Whittaker Design - Amazing living room with lilac curtains window panels, white ...

Seagrass wingback chairs

traditional kitchen by Norton-O'Brien Design    seagrass chairs!

my plan of action is to 1. give it a little bleach treatment to get rid of any mold/mildew that could be causing the stinky dog smell 2. add a little stain to touch up some blemishes 3. sew a cute linen cushion for the seat.

the best part: if all else fails, i’m not out a single dime because i got it FO FREE!

have you found any trash-to-treasures lately?

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Amanda said...

I just stumbled on this post, and I would have done the exact same thing (except I only have an apartment not a house:)) Definitely give it a good clean, a fresh coat of paint and a cushion and it's like new! cute blog!

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