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welp! it looks like we're well on our way to being homeowners! as of last friday morning, andrew and i are officially under contract on the cutest house ever! (it's a proven fact! - you’ll just have to trust me – no, that’s not it in the picture above) we're overjoyed and have spent the last week crunching numbers, waiting on inspections, and in the spirit of full disclosure: picking out paint colors. we’ve been doing the whole house hunting thing since february and this is as far as we’ve gotten and really feel like this is the one. i cried during the tour. yep, full disclosure.

the excitement is still in full force, but with that comes the anxiety of the biggest. purchase. ever. or at least… since we’ve been on this earth. our realtor is amazing, as is the seller of our cute cute home-to-be, and the process has been really easy and seamless thus far. still, there are some days when i feel like a nervous wreck and want to obsessively drive by the house to make sure no one else has staked their claim on our adorable abode. (yeah, i know i'm nuts) so… anyone out there want to give a little advice on getting through this anxious time for first-time-homebuyers? other than xanax.


Carolina Charm said...


And feel free to pass on any advice you receive!

So, so so happy for you two!

Amanda Scarce said...

Just take it all in. We moved into our house three years ago. We had the most amazing contractors (Dishman Construction) who made everything as easy as possible. Have fun, don't be anxious!! It will all workout. I remember telling myself constantly "Well next year at this time we will be settled in and loving our house." Congratulations!! It's a HUGE purchase, but so worth it!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I'm SO thrilled for you guys. I've learned that home ownership takes a lot of work and dedication, but it's by far the most "in love" I've ever been with a homestead! You will love it ... take your time with decor and wait to find things you can't live without!

Jacqueline said...

So exciting! PJ and I have purchased two houses and everything you described is exactly how you felt! I'll never forget the day we closed on the one we're in now - I immediately went out and bought some beer and had my first swim in OUR pool!!!!(even though it was freezing cold - it was October!) Congratulations! Can't wait to see what your fabulous sense of style does to this place!

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