number 167

since i got a pretty good response from y'all for last week's tip, here's another one that's quick and to the point, and will be beneficial to YOU and your readers:
this is something that's so simple! for the longest time, i overlooked this tiny task that could have really helped me out. let's say i'm posting about a really cute dress over at queen of the tailgate. be sure to check the tiny box at the bottom of the hyperlink window to "open this link in a new window". (see below!)

this little task will enable your viewers to simply "x" out of the site you've linked out to, and return back to your blog to read for another 3 hours. otherwise, if they're like me, they're getting lost for days browsing the virtual aisles of pottery barn or, worst case, the black hole that is pinterest. 

so maybe you already knew today's trick, maybe you didn't. is there a web trick you'd like to know how to do? ask me! if i don't know, i'll try my best to find out and we'll learn together!

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