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so i had a little craft time going on at my house sunday afternoon. the sound of football on the tv and the cool crisp air really got me in the mood for a little fall wreath action. here are a few snaps of my little project:

my supplies (cost ~$20, i already had my burlap). i bought a grapevine wreath because they were on sale, and it ended up being better than a foam form one.

i hot-glued the moss directly onto the grapevine wreath, and used a dowel to press it down in between the vines. above, you can see the back of my wreath, which i decided looked fine enough to leave bare. there’s no reason why you couldn’t glue moss on the back as well. below, i laid out my “adornments” the way i liked, then glued them into place. tip: a candle ring works just as well as the loose sprigs of berries, etc!

above, i made my bow, and hot-glued it separately to the hanging burlap piece. for me, i was able to make a prettier bow using this method. if you’re a super craft queen, i'm sure you could make it all one piece! lastly, i covered my letter W in burlap. this step took longer than the whole wreath! i used my wooden dowel to keep the burlap down while the hot-glue dried. tip: this works much better than using fingers!

here’s the finished product!

i hope y’all enjoyed craft time! i really enjoyed this project and hope to continue posting more crafts in the future!

how are you welcoming fall?


Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

LOVE it! I was working on my fall wreath last night! I did include a letter on mine as well but took it down because it looked funny. Yours is so cute!

Morgan Neal said...

Love it!!!

Carolina Charm said...

You are so crafty. I loooove this wreath, like, a LOT. Make me one!!! :)

taylorlsteele said...

That is to die for! I'm dying to make a fall wreath.

Caitlin C. said...

I LOVE this!! I want to try it myself! Aren't we having some gorgeous weather here in the QC lately? It makes me want to spend all my time outdoors!

erica said...

Love this wreath! What a gorgeous job! xo

April said...

Love your wreath! I just love burlap...so much you can do with it! I did a burlap wreath too for the party.


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