number 161

ok. so i was welcoming fall last night with a new mani using essie’s styenomics, and was SO proud of my glossy, un-smudged work! that was…until i woke up this morning and saw at least 10 tiny bubbles on EACH nail. this has happened to me after the last few manicures i've done at home. what the heck?


what the heck? after a little googling, i have found this answer. i hope this saves ya’ll from a ruined manicure in the future as well (click the link below)! btw, stylenomics looks like a dark green in the bottle, but don’t let it fool you – it’s closer to black… i have to say, i'm a teensy bit disappointed!

how to prevent bubbles in manicures


erica said...

I was going to buy stylenomics, but that looks so dark! Bummer about the bubbles. I hate when that happens... usually it happens to me when my top coat is no good. xo

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

Happened to me many a times! I'm always lucky to get through a manicure with out any smudges.

Whitney said...

I have bubbles right now! Thanks for sharing!

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