number 160

“thank God for fridays” – andrew in the car this morning. true story, boo. here are a few things i'm loving/excited about:


1 | fall neutrals are comin’ in with full force! the neons and bright hues of summer aren’t completely gone yet, but i've seen a ton of comfy sweaters, riding boots, and neutral hues in my pinterest feed lately. i'm not gonna complain one bit. fall is my favorite time of year: vt tailgating, my birthday, comfy clothes, and gorgeous colors provided by mother nature. fall, i welcome you with open arms. i'm needing a manicure in the worst way, and i think chinchilly is going to suit my mood just fine.

2 | this is an every-night scene in our house around 11pm. we have trained one of our cats to be a real live baby. i'll spare you the 5 minute snuggle-fest video. it’s actually really heartwarming - when we got “bangs” he was very abused and very distrusting of anyone, so it’s nice to see him in a place where he can feel safe around humans again.

3 | andrew and i are heading home this weekend to celebrate a couple of family birthdays, and this little sweet peach will be there as well. (our niece who resides in indiana) i cant wait to kiss those cheeks!

4 | again with the fall comfort – i just can’t wait to get into a flannel shirt and some leggings. pinned here.

5 | pinterest is wonderful for drawing inspiration (or flat out copying, we’re all guilty!) for all things fashion, food, and d├ęcor. this awesome print (pinned here) would be a great diy! i might give it a go!

i'm linking up with lauren over at from my grey desk for her weekly “high five for friday!’

happy weekend!

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