number 157

y’all, get ready for a real game-changer. yesterday, i downloaded a new app, and i just can’t hold my excitement in. i have to share the love! after reading this post from witty & pretty, i downloaded songza. yes, i realize i already have 4 apps for music on my phone, but thought i'd give it a go. songza is a “music concierge” which is a fancy way of saying it blows the pants off of pandora.


you simply choose your activity (everything from “working out” and “drinking at a dive bar” to “getting lucky”…yeah), and select from a few playlists that have that “vibe”. since downloading it for my phone yesterday afternoon, i now have it on my kindle fire and laptop as well. i tried out a few playlists and was really pleased with what i got. oh and i haven’t even gotten to the best part: it streams for FREE and has NO COMMERCIALS! see ya never, spotify and pandora! i'm a little hesitant to share my love with the world because i'm afraid once the wonderful word gets out, they’ll throw in some “catch”. we shall see?

in the meantime, i'll share a few of my favorite stations: buns of steel: ‘90s workout, headbands & legwarmers: ‘80s workout, cowgirl kiss-offs, and feelin’ good in the ‘90s…ok, so i love ‘90s music – we can’t be friends if you don’t too! sorry, i'm not sorry!

so yeah! there ya go! give it a download – it’s free, nothing to lose! and when you decide that you love it too, come back and let me know!


April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I just downloaded this -- thanks for the heads up. You had me at "no commercials" :)

Amanda Scarce said...

Downloading it now!! thanks!!

Laura | Our Life in the Queen City said...

ah! i accidentally deleted someone's comment!! so so sorry!

yes! they have an app on the android market!

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