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it’s no secret that alex loves the olympics, so it shouldn’t be too hard to guess today’s friday five theme. the OLYMPICS! today, we’re spotlighting 5 things i'm digging from around the globe to celebrate this huge worldwide event!


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1  |  i've seen so many vintage-inspired prints around the interwebs, and i'm especially loving this one!

2  |  butter london has gorgeous metallic polishes in all shades, so get your olympics on with the full monty, diamond geezer, and the old bill – lbh, the USA only knows how to go for the gold!

3  |  i've always loved her state necklaces, but would you sport the USA around your neck? maya brenner has definitely found her niche with these adorable pendants. you can even have the diamond placed on your hometown! …wonder if i could get away with layering 3 states?

4  |  i'm really loving this american flag scarf. wouldn’t you pay $200+ for it? pshhh. it’s too hot for that mess anyway! at least it’s cute!

5  |  how adorable are these ballet flats from j.crew? the elastic is similar to the carolines by tory burch, which are super comfortable. and i would assume these are as well!

so that’s it for me, ladies and gents! i hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the opening ceremonies tonight! i'm linking up with my favorite, alex and sweet lauren today for “friday five” and “high five for friday”.



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