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i wouldn't call myself a "fashionista" by any stretch of the imagination, but i do like fashion, clothes, and the latest trends. and i find that what i like, almost as much, is seeing what other people wear. not the ultra-fashionable, but just everyday outfits that anyone can pull off! - without being a fashionista.

i want to try something today that i may stick with, i may not. for now, i'm calling it "what i'm wearing" or as you can see below, "WIW". since i don't have the patience for a tripod, and i'm not going to make my husband take a posed picture of me this morning, i'll just put together a little board so you can see what i'm wearing and, even better, where i got it! ready? go!

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this is one of my favorite outfits to wear. it's easy, low maintenance, and my shirt is linen (from the j.crew outlet), so it's very lightweight. the shoes were a little splurge for me after a bonus at work *yay*, but i've gotten a TON of wear out of them. once they're broken in (about a week), they really are comfortable! if you're on the fence, let me sway you -- GET EM! sadly, they don’t make the dark brown anymore like you see above, but i’ve linked to the black ones which i'm sure are equally as awesome.
so tell me, do you like it? want me to keep it up?
and i mean this is the least-provocative way possible...
what are you wearing?

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Liz said...

I love your style - so excited to be a new sponsor! My logo looks so good in the sidebar! :)


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