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sooo my family vacation is less than 2 weeks and 4 days away (not that i'm counting…) and over the past few years, our group has grown from just a small family of 4 (just dad+mom+john+me) to include a husband, a girlfriend, and my nana. nana’s been taking family vacation as an opportunity to check items off her bucket list. she’s 84 - sorry for spilling your age on the internet, nana! last year, it was parasailing. this year, the rumor is: skydiving. my brother has already decided that he’s up for this – an opportunity of a lifetime – to go skydiving with your grandmother. me? i'm still on the fence. i've heard of so many experiences that have gone right and have been an incredible and unforgettable. so, to get myself pumped up, and maybe, to sway me in the right direction; that's where i'm going today. not literally, just on the blog.
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let’s focus on the positives…

a smooth 'chute opening (image via)

a gorgeous view (image via)

an unforgettable experience (image via)

these people aren’t scared! (image via)

ok, so my palms got sweaty just looking for pictures. have any blog friends been skydiving? was it an amazing experience?? i need to know! i need a few reasons why i shouldn’t chicken out! if you're like me, and are curious about the statistics, this article put me at ease somewhat.

now tell me…

where's this tuesday taking you?

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