number 144

hi friends! so a few weeks ago, i posted about the pinterest dress and happened to stumble upon Ver Sei which was one of the few boutiques that had the coveted dress in stock. since that post, i feel like i've been scouring their site almost every day checking out the new arrivals and awesome sales/specials they have going.

laverseii received my dress (pictured above) this weekend and am SO pleased with the design, fit, and quality of their merchandise. not only do they offer excellent customer service (which is always a big deal in my book), their clothes are adorable and affordable! my dress is out of stock right now, but i'm sure based on it's popularity, it'll be back soon!
heather and linsday are the founders/owners of this adorable online boutique. these girls are so unbelievably sweet, and i know they would enjoy your support of their new business! and because they're so nice, they're offering 15% OFF to the readers of "our life in the queen city". simply use the promo code below at the checkout:
15% OFF promo code: QUEENCITY

thanks again, girls, for your excellent service and this promotion! i wish y'all the BEST luck with your new business, and look forward to many purchases in the future!

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