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weee! it’s FRIDAY! and for the first time in weeks, we'll actually be in town with NO plans whatsoever. isn't that the best? if i have any idea, i'd say here's what’s in store: redbox(es), dinner in, yoforia, a little gym, a lot of sleep, and lots of kitty snugs. so since the weekend will be pretty low-key, my friday five consists of a few things worth mentioning from this past week:Pink Hard Hat1  |  meeting with contractors! as you can see in my previous post, all i've had on the brain is interior design. we've found a house that we really like and has great potential, but before we decide if we should buy it, we seek out an expert opinion to ensure we can make it awesome (within a reasonable budget). it's really exciting to consider that some of those pins might be made into a reality!
2  |  the sweet sweet girls over at versei reached out to me, and we've got something special coming your way next week!

kickball fail...3  |  andrew, john, and i joined a kickball team a couple of weeks ago, and we had our first game this wednesday. we took a chance joining a random team, and i have to say that we really lucked out. everyone on the team was SO nice, and even though i am the opposite of a good kickball player, i still had a blast! i had no idea that this was such a big deal with such a huge following!

4  |  caprese salad. mom and i made a big batch(??) last weekend. i made more for andrew and myself monday night. now, i'm planning on making more this weekend. i love this recipe from the pioneer woman. that balsamic reduction is really amazing!

5  |  lastly, i just want to mention that my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the shooting last night in colorado. i pray that the power of community and the nation's support can help them overcome such an unbearable tragedy.

i hope everyone had a great week and has an even better weekend. i might have to join miss a.liz for her weekly dance party this afternoon!

per usual, i'm linking up with my favorite, alex and sweet lauren today for their own “friday five” and “high five for friday”.


happy weekend!

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Carolina Charm said...

I just received a pretty dress and earrings from Ver Sei today! Those girls are fabulous!

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