number 133

how to descale your keurigif you're like me, you probably tossed your little keurig instruction manual the day you got it and haven't thought about it since! untilll...you noticed that your coffee cup just isn't as full as it was that first day. hmph. i've been procrastinating cleaning my keurig for the past 2 weeks, just opting to refill with the large mug icon 2 (sometimes 3) times a morning. yeah, i'm that lazy. last night, i did it. i cleaned the keurig, and it's SO easy.
lemme break it down for you in a few easy steps:

  1. make sure the water reserve is empty
  2. pop out the k-cup holder - YES! you can! poke it from the bottom, and then rinse it off in the sink
  3. fill the reserve up with distilled vinegar ALL THE WAY!
  4. run the large cup brew (no KCUP!) 3 times
  5. let the vinegar sit in the reserve at least 4 hours (i did mine overnight)
  6. empty the vinegar, and refill completely with water
  7. run it til it's empty

VOILA! a full cup of coffee *finally!*

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