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today is the first day of summer and i'm SO excited! the weather has been gorgeous this week and it's totally inspired me! i've been really proud of myself for sticking with the blog for the past few months. there's a great community out there, and i'm happy to be a part of it! in celebration of summer, and just because i'm feeling thankful, i'd love to offer everyone FREE advertising for the summer! there are a limited number of spots available, so head on over to the sponsor page and reserve your spot (1 month at a time!). be sure to use my promo code (QUEENCITY) at the checkout in order to get it FO FREE! not even a dime!

FREE advertising! promo code: QUEEN CITY

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Anonymous said...

A) I love that pic - how pretty!
B) What a generous offer!! I'll spread the word to some of my big blog friends. Wow - that's so nice of you Laura!

Happy Summer, doll!

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