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happy tuesday! we're almost at the halfway point! i'm still recovering from my long weekend, luckily monday didn't give me too much trouble. i'm already looking forward to this weekend - we've got some friends coming into town, and i can't wait to try out some new spots while they're here!

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i've been hearing a lot of buzz about a new restaurant in the cotswold area, called leroy fox. its home-cooked soul food options like chicken fried chicken and one of my all-time faves, shrimp and grits, definitely look promising. i especially love that a few of their signature drinks have charlotte street names [selwyn ave, sharon road, providence road]. i can definitely see andrew channeling his inner don draper, sippin' on a "king of foxes" - their own version of an old fashioned. leroy fox has live music on the weekends, so i've put it on the agenda friday night. it's been open for a little while now, so hopefully all the long waiting hype has passed.

have you been there? loved it? hated it? tell me about it... or just link up!

where’s this tuesday taking you?

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A.M. said...

can we go here when I come visit?! ;)

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