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after a fantastic weekend, mondays just creep by. am i right? we spent a boatload of time with both andrew’s and my family this weekend, and it was p.e.r.f.e.c.t. – 2 nights included a deckside fire in the chiminea and every day, awesome food – both of which i love and adore. we have definitely decided that a nice sized patio or deck will be included or added on to our new dream house. mom whipped up and quick and delicious pie saturday night that i'm sharing with you today. we’ve been having this pie for as long as i've been alive, and would never believe how simple it is:

i give you: easy lemonade pie

Easy Lemonade Pie

you’ll need:
1 graham cracker pie crust
1 can lemonade concentrate
1 large sized container cool whip (thawed) or free if you’re trying to be healthy
1 can eagle brand condensed milk (again, you can use lowfat or fat free)

combine the condensed milk with the lemonade concentrate with a spoon or ladle is fine. then, fold in the cool whip. you do not want to mix it in – my guess is that your pie would be runny if you mix it too much. pour your ingredients into your pie crust and pop it in the freezer for 3 or 4 hours. DONE! deelish! eat it up! you’ll want to store your pie in the freezer if you don’t eat it all in the first sitting!

p.s. we had a lot of filling left over so you may can stretch it into 2 crusts? orrrr just enjoy the leftover filling until the real thing is ready!

made it? tell me about it!


Carolina Charm said...

WOW - adding this to my list of desserts to make!! YUM!

The Squishy Monster said...

What a simple and yummy looking dessert! I will definitely have to try this =D

Anonymous said...

Um, only 4 ingredients? SOLD. And I think we all know, any dish with Eagle Brand Milk is a winner. I'm so making this next week at the beach. For just myself. ;)

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