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i've had a little bit of a rough go this week, so i'm happy to say that andrew and i are heading out of charlotte tonight until sunday. sunday is father's day, so we'll be driving up to virginia to spend some much needed quality time with our dads and families. it's so nice to get back to your roots and a slower pace.

i may be back tomorrow for friday five, i may not. my weekend starts at 5 today, and it couldn't be more welcome!

Fave quote: Leo Tolstoy
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happy [almost] friday!


Carolina Charm said...

Enjoy your nice long weekend with your dads! xo

Nicole said...

Have a great Father's Day weekend! My weekend starts at 5 today too, yay! Its always nice to get away & relax :)

A.M. said...

xoxo love you boo. Feel free to continue driving north on your journey to Virginia ;)

Anonymous said...

Amen sista. It may not be Friday but after the week I've had, my cocktail is saying "hello weekend" just a tad early.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend & Father's Day!

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