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since we’re on the subject of hair...

i've been really curious lately about salt water sprays for beachy hair. have you tried it? what's your favorite brand? a few reviews that i've seen mention that it gives you hair a dirty, caked-on product feeling. which, i guess when you're at the beach and your hair dries with ocean water, it sorta feels that way as well. i want to know - is it worth it to spend $20 on a fancy spray, or give it a go with the DIY first?

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how do you get beach waves?

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Anonymous said...

I used B&B Surf Spray last summer and fell in love. Haven't used it this year yet though, but thanks for the reminder ;)

Haven't tried any of the other brands yest, but I've seen homemade recipes for Surf Spray on Pinterest. Pretty cool idea to DIY it before shelling out the dough for something you may not like.

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