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hi y’all! i hope everyone had a great weekend! i used my monday to recover -- had a little too much fun. although, i did make it to the gym saturday AND sunday!! *round of applause* go me! saturday night, we went with my brother and his girlfriend to see lady antebellum! let me tell you - they were a-w-e-s-o-m-e! i knew every song and had a blast dancing to all of them! darius rucker (who i will forever fondly refer to as hootie) opened for lady a and i would definitely pay to see him as a headliner! he even made andrew happy by singing a few hootie and the blowfish songs -- a real crowd pleaser! overall, it was a great weekend, one that i'd love to do over again! buuut we're back on the grind of the day to day routine, and i'm going to take a little break today and pretend it's friday: Take Me There Tuesday Blog Button

ya’ll are going to laugh, but the reason i'm picking friday for my "take me there tuesday" is because i'm getting my hair done on fridayyy! i know i'm not the only person in the world who loves a good cut and color. i always feel SO much better! my goal is the long kardashian-esque locks, so i won't be doing any drastic cutting, just a routine trim along with some summer highlights. even though i've been going to the same stylist for yearrrs [still in danville! hah!] and she already know's what i want, i still like to be prepared with a few pictures.

without fail, i always bring in a pic of jen when i get my hair colored.

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or two...

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and just because she's so stinkin cute...

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so...that's where my mind is today. tell me...

where’s this tuesday taking you?


Nicole said...

Why can't my hair look like that everyday, sigh. Love Carrie & I totally agree, she is very cute!! My Tuesday will be spent working and possibly a date night! xo

Laura said...

oooh! date night - i'll take that too!

Anonymous said...

Ooh I'm dying to see Lady A in concert! The boys in the band are both UGA grads :)

Looking at those cute "do" pics make me wish I were blonde :( So pretty! And for what it's worth, that top Jen A pic is my favorite. Lawdy, nature was good to her!

Laura said...

they were AWESOME! definitely go see them if you get a chance!

i know, right? it's unfair that she's THAT gorg!

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